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Overworld maps - Provinces and Regions



Overworld maps - Provinces and Regions


In "The Crystal Crown" there won't be a single overworld map with every dungeon, city, town and minor locations. Instead, there will be many, many overworld maps (each slightly different than the others so as to represent change in environment, like jungle, desert, mountain, snowy, etc) that will depict Regions and Provinces.


LORE explanation:

The action takes place in a enormous continent dominated almost entirely by the Ark-Empire ("Ark" meaning 'power, might'). The Empire is divided into 21 Provinces, each one governed by one of the 21 Great Houses. Each Province is further divided into several Regions, governed by a House that pledged loyalty to a Great House and the Crown.

Archduke is the title of the Lord of a Great House.
Great Duke is the title of the Lord of a House.

Dukes are the title of the Lord of a Clan.



Of the 21 Provinces, the player will only be able to travel and explore around 12 in total, including main quest, secondary quests and extra stuff. I will explain this further via images, spoilered so as to not screw up with the formatting.


This is the Golden Province, the first place you visit in the game:





The Golden Province is divided further into 4 Regions:


Krastornaban Region, where the capital, Krastornaban, is located:





Nainmaqar Region (Nainmaqar means 'Bright Forest')





Gentle River Region (The river is named that way because is navigable)





Hazer Region





As you can see, there are, in reality, four overworld maps linked to one another to form one Province. The player will be able to travel freely through these Regions, entering towns, ruins, dungeons and places of interest. Some locations will only be unlocked via main quest, secondary quest or world events. This is how overworld maps will work in "The Crystal Crown".


TBD: I have yet to create a way for the player to open a map that shows the full province and marks the location of the player within it. Maybe with X, Y coordinates, layers and several images? I don't know.



Recommended Comments

Looks pretty interesting. I always love new ideas about how to make field maps more interesting.


That said, the maps you showed off look a bit flat and kinda boring to me, but I think that's because the way the field tileset was designed doesn't lead it's self well to maps that are this zoomed in and not surrounded by coastlines. There isn't that much variety in terrain, so it's kind of hard to design maps that look all that interesting. I could imagine for example having slightly lighter grass and slightly darker grass would allow you to make hills and valleys, more kinds of trees would make forests more interesting, that kind of thing. In normal field maps you have coastlines everywhere and have to pack everything in a fairy small area which makes most maps pop out a lot more I think. When you are restricted to grass and trees and a few other features, stuff can start to look samey. Not much that can be done I guess unless you wanna make a whole new tileset.


I personally also don't really like your use of the dark green grass that much and think you should try adding little clearings and lines in the forests by shift pasting, but that's nitpicking.

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Here's some feedback (which you didn't ask for), what you decide to do with it is up to you.


That's an unnatural looking river, it's too straight and its bends look like the corners of squares.


A grass path? That's unlikely, considering people travelling that path would eventually trample down and tear away all the grass leaving a dirt road in its place. Again with the straightness and those square corner bends.


You might consider replacing any main dirt roads with stone roads, nobody likes to travel along a bumpy, muddy main road, especially when it's raining.


You could probably make the entire thing look a bit more interesting by adding patches of darker grass in various places, smaller sections of trees in empty looking areas, and large mountains in the middle of small mountains.


That walled fortress should really have a road inside the walls connecting to it, otherwise it looks as if people rarely ever travel to it due to the grass.

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Thank you for your feedback, to both of you.


@Kayzee  I know some regions are small portions of overworld maps and they might not show much, but I will try to add more details although all regions must be coherent with the province they belong to. I am also searching for more overworld tilesets to avoid maps to be too similar one to another.


@Dark Influence  Already getting rid of the dark grass and dirt paths and replacing them with stone roads. Also, I got a new water tile that looks much better than the default one and makes the river look much more natural, at least the water. As for the straightness, I tried to make it less blocky, albeit it is difficult to do so in RPG Maker games. The fortress (which is a prison, by the way) is changed: I got rid of the walls and surrounded the city with walls, which makes more sense as it is the city and not the prison that is walled.


In general, I added more details, stone roads and made the maps more lively. I will upload them later. Again, thank you both for your feedback.



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