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Entry 001: Throes of Damnation



I've decided to start on a smaller side project, and I plan to pursue this to its' finish.


As for the title, I do believe it is going to remain the same, though it may change, but I'd like to keep the tone of the game as much of a match to the title as possible.


Not going to spoil many details here, as a good portion of them are still being hammered out, but basically, the character you play (you can choose between male and female though the choices are not going to be directly indicative of the character's gender) is dead, or so the character believes, with ample reason.


The main idea of the game is to survive harsh battles using mainly your wits and what the depths of the Void (as the character will describe it by sight sound and feel) provides, namely a weapon of some kind, as well as Soul Cards that are inserted into a pseudo Duel Disk. These Soul Cards are designed much like Duel Monster cards, in that, once used up, must be discarded (in this case, unequipped).


EDIT: The usage of these cards may or may not be limited, as invoking these limits is not easily done.


One will have the three following things to worry about in battle:

VP-Vitality Points

This is how damage one can endure before the battle ends, favoring one's opponent/s.


This is what is used when using Spell Cards, Spawning Trap Cards, and for SOME of the Force Cards.

CP-Charge Points

This is what is used when using MOST of the Force Cards, and when Summoning Monster Cards.


At the end of any given battle, win OR lose, you're fully healed, though there will be cases that a loss will be grounds for a Game Over. Usually, these will be attached to a cutscene (actually all Game Over sequences will be attached to a cutscene but not all cutscenes will be related to losing a battle).


Speaking of battles, there are both random encounters and event battles, but only event battles will have potential Game Over cutscenes. Also, take note that one can flee any given battle situation, unless the event battle calls for some special scene.


In-Depth Functions:

Direct Attack-The player can invoke a direct attack with their weapon, but only against their opponent/s (if the player's opponent/s summon defenses, the player must quell those first before a Direct Attack is usable). Also, summoned Monsters can also use a Direct Attack in addition to their abilities with the same restriction applying.

Summoned Monsters-If the player has at least one Monster summoned, the player cannot be attacked directly. The inverse is applied when an opponent summons a Monster.

Spell Cards-Unlike Duel Monsters, these are equipped and the associated spell is instantly usable. However, there will be a limit to how many times the Spell is usable.

Trap Cards-Basically the same functionality, only difference being that the effect may remain, but the card is usable only once.

Force Cards-These cards are designed to enhance the player's own abilities, including attack power, and so on. They may also provide skills that can be used, but usually are meant for further enhancement of the player and/or any of the player's summoned monsters. There are some Force Cards that will have an effect on opponent/s and/or opponent's Monsters as well.

Monster Cards-Basically, like summoning friends to battle to assist you. They will always be your shield.


Vitality Points-This will start out very low, and increase as you become more experienced with battles.

Mana-This will also start out very low, and increases as you become more experienced in battles.

Charge Points-This starts out at a low amount each battle, and increases as the battle goes on. It also increases whenever you use a skill that costs Mana or a Direct Attack. The maximum amount of Charge Points allowed will depend on the Duel Disk you have equipped.


Plans for graphics, and so on...

No RTP wherever avoidable, and I have plenty of decent music already from the DLC I got through the Humble Bundle sale (thanks to @Plague Docteur who bought the Steam keys for me-I won't forget your beautiful deed!) I also have plenty of graphics because of said sale, so I intend to use those as well. I have no intentions of using the default sprites, since the main characters are made with Second Story parts (bought that DLC myself but thanks to @Kayzee for getting me GCH: PE), I'll be making the sprites for all characters with these, well, short of anything requiring tentacles or wings or whatever else.

Well, anyway...onto the icky parts. What I need help with.


Card Slots: Mainly, what needs to happen is this. The amount of card slots will be determined by the Duel Disk used. If the player has no Duel Disk equipped, this becomes zero. I have a script tool made by  Ninjamida that allows one to add and remove equip slots, however, the method used to invoke these removals would require I use common events to determine which slots to add and remove and it would ultimately be very messy.


EDIT: I found one of Fomar's scripts that allows me to do this in a very clean manner.

Weapon Formulas: I'm using Kread-Ex' Weapon Formulas script so I can emulate weapon damage ranges like how one would find in games like Adventure Quest. Currently, I'm having issues as I continue to get a zero damage result.

Formula Example from the notebox:

(a.atk * 3) + ((1 + rand(3)) - 1) - b.def * 1.5

<formula_variance: 0>


This appears to be valid, but am not getting a valid result for damage.


EDIT: Damage Formulas are working (unrelated issue causing a miss).


Monster summons and disabling direct attacks against the player/opponent if monsters are summoned:


I'm actually not sure if there are scripts out there for this, but it would certainly be easier than trying to invoke states that carry a 0% TGR because sadly, a 0% TGR actually does NOT deter attacks.


Edit: I've decided to use actor slots for the monster summons. Still looking for the player protection though. I'd use @Tsukihime's Untargetable States, but that would prevent a summoned monster from healing the summoner too.


Well, that's about all. I'll update this as things come up.

I actually have the creators of Labyrinthine Dreams (another game I bought myself) to thank for part of my inspiration. It is a game I do recommend, though to be honest, it is not meant for the hardcore gamer.

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