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World of Chaos Progress and Plans XIX

Lord Vectra


FINISHED Unmentioned Plans

In-Battle Enemy Dialogue: Certain enemies will have dialogues during battle. Also, to avoid the large blocks of dialogues, in some cases, parts of it was integrated in the battles.Conventional Enemies: I noticed I inserted a lot of undead/demon/angel/spirit type enemies of which


Harder Bosses: One of the complaints about my demo (which was very long ago, I know), was that the bosses were a little too easy. That has been changed.



Side Quests: Going to focus a bit on side quests

Drawing: Trying to learn how to draw for the project

Enemy Graphic Reform: Redoing enemy graphics once I get good at drawing.

Leveling rewards: As we know, there are some games that gives you rewards based on you level. As a result, in some of these games, people don't do certain quests until they reach the desired level to retrieve the best of whatever it is. In my project, I will attempt to test the idea of reward items (such as weapons and armor) scaling with you as you level up.