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the apartment's various furniture and amenities will actually do things useful later in development



**log taken from the gamejolt page**



the title pretty much says it all. since insomnioid isn’t going to hit you with traditional game-overs when you fail in combat (it is just a dream, after all), the items in the apartment you can interact with (phone, TV, and even the closet will play a role), they will serve as anti-frustration features.
for example:

  • the closet, when in the dream world, will allow you to quickly travel to any major location unlocked
  • the phone, when in the dream world, will allow you to change your party and fast-travel to the last save point you used
  • the tv will… well i dunno yet, i’m sure i’ll find a use for it later

i’ve also been doing some basic detail-adding (in the next update you can sit in the chair in the main apartment room! woaaah!
and also there will be an animation for using the chair at the desk in the bedroom. oh, and the desk will allow you to save! why would you save in an early, early game alpha? who knows