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The Reimagining



*reads last blog entry


oh my... that's a lot.


Anyway, I'll keep it short this time. I'll be recreating all 3 of my not-so-great-hits TOD the Grim Reaper, TOD the Grim Reaper 2 and TOD the Grim Reaper 3 into actually fully developed big Projects.

I'll aim for the first Game to come out this year, if my Composer is fast enough. 


I had the same things in mind for the first 2 Games:

-They are (still) going to be liniar

-Because of the liniarity, I made up for it in some unique and twisted ways. I.e. You can miss your Party Members, but they will still join you regardless later on. You can miss out on great Treasures that will make it easier for you to go from area to area. Areas change dramatically after the Boss is defeated and opens up new paths for some other secrets.

-Literally had 7 modes (of which 3 are basically just copy pasted) in mind for additional Challenges once you beat the Game, since they are so short and mind as well.


In addition to Normal and Hard mode, the new modes are going to be

- Lvl 1 (Normal)

- Lvl 1 (Hard)

- Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 1 hour

- Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes

- Lvl 1 Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes on Lvl. 1

- Lvl 1 Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 30 minutes on lvl. 1

- Ultimate Mode


All are pretty self explanatory, except for Ultimate which I won't spoil the surprise for. (Which is probably the only thing I won't spoil from the Games)


Since TOD 3 is another thing entirely, It won't have these fancy things at all, since it's multiple path based and this could just be an enourmous amounts of work, considering I'm planning to make sometihng even better than all these modes combined.

But yeah, TOD 3 is basically just going to be another choose your own adventure with twists and turns and yadda. And it's also going to be the regular formula of "There's towns in this game you can chill out in!".



if this is my definition of "I'll keep it short", then I will be hopeless in the future... :(

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