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gamedev Entry 003: Throes of Damnation (small update)



I've been dealing with a lot of garbage as of late, so progress has slowed to a trickle.


I'm actually still figuring out story and locations related to story. That part has been difficult to do.


Also, I keep running into bugs with syntax, a lot of times in battle due to some sort of conflict or NoMethodError nonsense or a number of other things. Some of it I've been able to correct, some I've had to disable scripts to avoid, and some I've come across due to Game_Interpreter being stupid, that of which I've decided to avert by doing some really shoddy backhacking.


I've also been testing out some of the modifiers I've made to existing scripts, and I recently made a fix to one of my own.


I made a scriptlet that changes the Dash button. I made it so that one could bind it to a switch, or to a variable (I've not written that out as of yet but I know how to write it).

However, if one uses Yanfly's System Options, my scriptlet breaks Autodash, if one changes the Dash button (it works fine if left unchanged).


So, I figured out exactly what runs Autodash, and incorporated it into a scriptlet. Took me about ten minutes. It works.


Well, other than scripting...I've progressed very little elsewhere. I'm trying to cobble together all the possible summons, but to be honest, I kinda wanna go further into the game and see where that goes before designing those further. However, until those are done, I won't be able to redo the skills for each one.


I have a few NPC characters done, and I've also resized some small battlers so that they can look like they're not meant to be on a Game Boy Advance screen.


I'm getting there; unfortunately my excursion with MV was a big distraction, and it did kind of take from my creative energies towards this project.

Well, anyway, until next time, true believers...


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Hmmm, I haven't been working on RPG Maker stuff much lately myself, mostly because I have been obsessively reading a bunch of the web fiction on this site. Though given that a lot of the stories are about someone being summoned or reincarnated into a fantasy world (often as a cute girl), it's rather interesting to compare it to some of the ideas I have for my RPG Maker project given that that's more or less what it's about too. It's a pretty normal kind of framework for a particular style of story.

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