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Entry 00C: Hard to come up with a title; just read it (or don't - I don't care)



I'm sure people are aware of things going down because of that jackass in the White House.


If things go down the way I expect them to, I'd like to say good-bye in advance, because I won't let my demise be by the hands of anyone else but my own.


Where I currently live, is well within the blast range of a primary target for nuclear strikes. Even underground, my chances of survival are low, and there are no shelters of any kind within a few hundred feet. So, I'll be taking care of things, and buying rope.


I know what I'm saying is brutal, and may be ridiculous to many, but to Hell with the idea of allowing anyone to dictate what happens in any part of my existence, even the end of it.


Some will try to run, or to hide, and I can only wish them the best of luck. Surviving the initial strike is only one part. Once the initial strike happens, further strikes will have no warnings.


This is no conspiracy theory, no fear mongering nonsense. All this is, is the throes of someone whose life went from fantastic, to garbage, to futile effort, with no known fault of her own in the equation. Not saying I have no fault in anything that occurred, but to say I do have fault when I cannot think of anything I may have done wrong is just as bad as lying about it.


...If you've read this far, then I hope you're able to forgive my emotions as they run rampant. I don't want to end it all, but unless something happens that changes the outcome of this act of stupidity by the jackass in the White House, it will come down to those two options.


In advance, fare all thee well; maybe we'll meet in Asuria...


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Personally I'm completely unaware of things going in politics and such, but you shouldn't let it demotivate you like this. Eh, I can't say much, because me and politics are two different worlds. I know one thing though, if I'd listen to everything they say and take these personally, I'd end up with depression of some sort, heh... :P 

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@Rikifive If I know one thing, it is that Russia doesn't make empty threats. The Cold War is one huge reminder.


I mean, the strike on Syria happened. The chemical attack, on the other hand, if it did occur, the culprit was very likely someone else, and those that did it revel in the fact that someone else took the fall, as cowards typically do.


All that said, if it does lead to Russia launching warheads, like I said, I live well within the blast zone of a primary target.


Of course, there are about six hundred or so primary targets for nuclear strikes in the US, but Wichita, KS is definitely a good one for spreading the ill effects of fallout, and I live about seven, eight miles from downtown Wichita. That's well within the the blast range of 100 miles.


Blast range? The instant kill zone for those exposed to it. Explained already, I've nowhere to hide from that. I've more than enough reason to be fearful, more than enough reason to give those pieces of trash the final middle finger by not letting them decide my demise.


I already deal with depression as is. A likely cause is the mass societal misconduct that has become normalized.

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53 minutes ago, Rikifive said:

Sadly, humanity's stupidity is beyond any scale, but I do really hope, that such a thing will never happen.


Same here; I can only hope that something keeps World War III from going full-scale.

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Eh, I think all this talk of nuclear war is overblown, and honestly probobly always was. People are scared shitless about nuclear weapons, and maybe with good reason, but I have my doubts about the likelihood of a full-blown nuclear war that blasts everything into a nuclear wasteland. Yeah, heads of state will wag their pointy missile dicks at each other, but I think it will not go much beyond that.

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The way I figure it, the truth of things like this is not clear cut. You can hope or you can fear, it's just a matter of what world you want to exist in so to speak. I choose to exist in a world where things aren't so bad, because I don't see the point of in living in fear. If it's a delusion, reality can go fuck it's self. ;)

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Hehe, well, there may be a 100% objective real reality, but can anyone really say exactly what it is? Doesn't mean you should necessarily doubt everything you experience, but it does mean that you shouldn't necessarily trust everything either. Like I said before, I tend to think of existence as being made up of both sooth and dwimmer, the real and the unreal. But you would be surprised how little of the sooth we can really see and know. Maybe none at all! Meanwhile dwimmer is everywhere. It is the illusion that people wrap themselves in, the world their minds create for them. Perhaps we cannot change the sooth, but we can change the dwimmer. And who can say how much of what we think we know really sooth and how much is really dwimmer?

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