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a very late but mildly interesting update



**log taken from the gamejolt page**


hi i forgot to update the devlog while working on things

major updates

  • fixed timothy’s sprite flicker glitch after reworking and condensing some common events
  • the phone is longer required to change classes, and instead it can be done directly from the esc menu (the phone will probably be removed)
  • the Photographer class is functioning but needs more skills and work
  • the first recruitable party member is in the works
  • new damage sounds WOAH
  • the book at timothy’s desk used for saving is now a desktop computer


  • reducing the size of the apartment to feel more like a college dorm
  • adding a form of ‘quick class help’ to get more info on timothy’s current class (menu option, button press, etc)
  • making a more interesting title screen


  • a composer has gotten in contact with me and has expressed interest on working on insomnioid’s soundtrack yay