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What is Nira?

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To understand this, you have to know what Nira is, or rather what it should have been, Nira was supposed to be a utopia, where everyone was happy. In reality, it was an experiment, the city was lost, as well as its purpose, its creators are long gone.
To better understand it, first I am going to explain the “politics”, the city was controlled by “The Four”, First was Ceros, the leader; Second was Sares, the watcher; Third was Filo, the researcher; and the Fourth, Niko, the censor. The presence of a censor was not completely necessary, since everyone thought they were in a utopia, but there would always be someone like me, who discovered the truth, with a slight difference, they would not keep it to themselves, as you would have guessed, they would be “silenced”. Filo had in her tower all the knowledge from Nira, including blueprints from the whole city and the plans for the experiment . Sares was never seen, he stood inside of his tower, watching, every single step of every single person. Ceros was the leader of the city, he and Filo were the only ones that were supposed to know about the experiment. Each 10 years, a new group would be chosen as the new “The Four” and each period would be named after the leader, the Ceros era was in its 7th year.
Nira was divided in three “provinces”: High Nira, where the wealth and important people lived; Mid Nira, mostly market; and Low Nira, where the common people lived. I lived on Low Nira, when I turned 16 i was assigned to work with Filo in the Third tower. To work on the towers was a honor, so everyone who worked on one moved from Low to High Nira.
Now you have a little of knowledge about Nira, you probably want to know whose story is this, right? I’m Casey Nil, I was born and raised inside of Low Nira to later be moved to High Nira, that is what you need to know, for now.
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