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Casey's Journal N.2

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The Third Tower was a huge library, it had 50 floors, each floor had its own category, I worked on the 50th floor, together with Filo. The 50th floor had all the blueprints and plans for Nira, all of them were encrypted, in the center of the room, there was a big book, the title was “Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr”, Filo and Ceros were usually reading it.

While I was organizing the books, I noticed something behind the shelf, when Filo wasn’t looking, I pushed some books out of the way, and there was something written, “Noha om a dou” and a piece of paper, the piece said:

“Don’t believe them, Noha om a dou…

NN, OI, HR, AA, MS, DL, UE.”


I was confused to what that meant, I kept the note and erased the writing on the wall, during the next few days I kept trying to decipher it, “Noha om a dou, what does this mean?”.

A few days after that, I noticed that same line written in other places, everywhere I went, I saw that line, maybe it was just random words, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t, it had something to do with “Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr”.

Another day organizing the books, another writing on the wall, “Psn nsr rhwmr rjui” and a note saying:


“They lie, hwn…

HR, WU, NN, PD, SO.”


I did the same with this one, erased the writing and took the note home, this time I didn’t even think twice, “I need to know what this means!”.

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