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Casey's Journal N.3

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    When i got home, there was a man outside, he asked me to enter, and showed me a card saying “The Second”, indeed Sares knew what I did, the man introduced himself, “I am Dian, you surely know why I am here.”, he was after the notes, by that time I had already memorized the writing on the second note, so i just handed it over to him, and asked “Do you understand anything that is written in that?”, he looked me in the eye and said “Do not interfere with this kind of business, this is just a warning, next time you won’t leave this easily”, before leaving, he dropped something, by the looks of it, it was intentional.

I picked up what he dropped after he left, it was a note with an encrypted message and a piece of orange cloth, the note read:


"A lie indeed, you must find out, Rju hufudosn

RT, JH, FB, SO."


I was getting used to the notes, but what is up with this piece of cloth? Such an unusual color, every clothing in here is either black or white. I decided it could be connected to the notes so I kept it. I laid on my bed and start thinking about the first note, “Noha om a dou”, Noha, that word sounds so familiar, after thinking for about an hour, that word resembles Nira, by association, O could be I and H could be R, so i used that logic and changed all of the letters in the note:


"Nira im a die"


Die?! The only death experienced in Nira was by age, death wasn’t common, it scared me, “Am I going to die just because I found this damned note?”, I tried to calm down, but it was no use, I was too anxious, so I left the house to walk a little. It was dark, the streets were desert, the only movement I could see was the wind blowing on the trees, I stopped to think about that piece of cloth, its color was so uncommon, every clothing is black or white, I have never seen orange in clothing before, after pondering on that color, I started to see how colorless everything was, every building was gray, even the plants were colorless, everything felt so… dull. That color made me realize that Nira was not perfect, it was the first step to getting out of that city.


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