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Casey's Journal N.5

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The Painters



“The Painters are people who didn’t had part in our society” said Dian, “We get selected based on our personality, but art is not considered necessary, so they just send artistic people to work on the fields, that’s why there’s no color in this city. Let me ask you something Casey, have you ever seen a poetry book on the Third Tower?”, “No” that was the answer, “What about an art book? Does art have history in Nira?”, “No…”, “Because art doesn’t exist in Nira, the Third Tower have scientific texts and nothing else, that is why it is so hard to people to break free of this illusion that is Nira, they don’t have creativity, The Painters are trying to escape Nira, but we need help from someone that has access to the blueprints from the Third Tower, that’s why we brought you here”, “I will get them, if you can distract Sares for some time”.




The next day I went to work like always, but this time I had a plan, I did not needed to bring the blueprints, I just needed to look at them, the plan was simple, I knock the blueprint out of the shelf, look and memorize it, and describe it to The Painters so we can escape, but we did not expect the visit of Ceros in the Third Tower. I thought he was going to check the Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr, but instead he reached for the shelf and took the exact blueprint we needed, in his way out he knocked some books out of the shelf, as I was going to put those books back, I saw a interesting book, “Encryption”, I picked the book and read the first page, “This is a book meant for the successors of The Four, it contains the language used on all encrypted messages over Nira”, even my eidetic memory could not memorize that, it was too much for me to process, so i took the book back to the cabin and gave it to Dian.

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