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Entry 004: Throes of Damnation (indefinite shelving)



(all typed on mobile - I know, yuck - so help me out already dammit) 


There isn't much to say about this project other than that due to a couple of reasons (one being more prevalent than the other), Throes of Damnation is being indefinitely shelved. 


The first reason is obvious; I no longer have a working computer, and the possibility that all my files are gone and/or corrupted, leaves a strong possibility that the project may be gone altogether, but until I know more, I have to presume that I might not have any of my files, but definitely no access. 


The second reason, which is more prevalent, and even if I still had a working computer, would be enough for the indefinite shelving, is due to my heavy use of a tileset that I borrowed from Luxaren Allure (I did get permission to use it), which is now no longer an option due to the artist disallowing any use of her work by anyone else. Ultimately, that's fine, but it really puts a stopper on the project because I have never seen a tileset quite like that one (because it quite simply doesn't exist). 


If I can mitigate these issues, especially the lack of a dark, demonic and empty-feeling tileset, then I will continue Throes of Damnation. Until then, the project is shelved. 


Shame, really; I haven't seen another RM game that uses a Duel Monsters like battle system... 

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