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Casey's Journal N.6

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I haven’t heard from Dian in a long time since I gave him that book, I’m getting worried. I went to the cabin to check on the painters, as I was approaching it, three large men were leaving it, Sares personnel. After they left, I entered the cabin, and the once colorful room, was now gray… and red. I could never imagine that, the painters were laying on the ground covered in blood, one of the bodies was pointing at a picture, I picked it up and behind it was a note, the note read:


“Dian is still alive, he is at Ulfigs, hidden”


    I was relieved that Dian was still alive, and after reading the note, I went home, but before i could leave the cabin, I heard something inside, in a small compartiment was a kid, he was probably twelve years old, he didn’t say a word, he just wrote a note and handed it to me:


“Dian is my brother, and I am a new painter”


I asked him his name and he did not reply. I told him to follow me, and then went home. When we arrived home, there was something written on the wall:


“UF, LO, FU, IR, GT, SH”



The little boy looked at those letters for a moment and wrote something in a piece of paper, handed it to me and walked away, and signed me to follow him.

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