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Entry 00D: Computer Upgrades, Blah Blah



So yeah, I finally got my computer up and running once more.


It's not a done deal; need to do more upgrades, but I do have a nice start.


Upgrade 1: New Disc Drive; I once had a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, I have a DVD+-RW now (it reads and writes to DVDs as well as CDs)


Upgrade 2: New (to me) HDD; it's a 1 TB HDD, that runs at up to 15,000 RPM, and when it does, it's very f*cking loud, reminiscent of old school PCs. I've made a Win 7 partition, and a secondary partition, and thus far, it runs decently. However, in many areas, there is much that could be improved upon.


I haven't installed Linux yet; I'm not so sure that the version I had downloaded will actually run because although my CPU is 64-bit, I'm not so sure it'll handle a 64-bit OS.

I had tried running XP from a burned DVD disc that I had been sent some time back, and kept getting an odd error message that made no sense whatsoever, until I saw that it was loading up 64-bit files. That's the only thing I can come up with. Ah well, I have Windows 7 running, it'll work for now.


Another odd thing I ran into was when I reinstalled VX Ace. I did not have this issue before where starting a new project would lock up the program, but it started doing that all of a sudden. I was able to circumvent this by opting into the old non-Steam version beta, but still, odd.


I also moved my MV Steam install files from my old HDD, and it started right up Of course, it still lags badly and I'm damn sure that if I didn't have that opengl32.dll file, it wouldn't run at all, but I'm still glad that @Radiant Arin bought the engine for me. I'll eventually get to do something with it, just need better hardware, lol


In speaking of moving all my old Steam install files, I could do that for all of them and just have Steam verify them. It would make much more sense, lol

(I'm going to do this for RPG Maker and GCH:PE)


Oh, but what's the verdict on Throes of Damnation?

Still shelved, but I have all the files; I can take what I need from them for other projects. Especially the scripts; those are important as I don't have backups otherwise...

@Kayzee, darling, all that work you helped me with was not lost. ^_^


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I can't even remember what I helped you out with anymore... I probably have a copy around somewhere of all my scripts and I think a lot of the small bits are probably still on the forum or in PMs, so if you ever do lose them it might be possible to get them back. I myself have gotten paranoid about backing up my stuff ever since I almost lost a bunch of stuff a while back.

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I don't truly recall, @Kayzee...

Unfortunately, my numerous issues with short term memory have allowed me to forget exactly what was done, and what needed worked on.

I've even looked at the project, and that didn't jog my memory any.

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