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Entry 00F +1: Equality and Reputability v. Predatory Businesses (minor blurb)



Back home, those that ran businesses that did not cooperate with the community system of equality and reputability, would have their businesses torn to the ground. Literally, and I've seen it happen. Even large businesses are not immune to this, and so when the time comes for society to return to their Anarchist roots, large businesses that violate the basics of equality and reputability will be torn down just the same.
That will include pretty much all of Silicon Valley.


These businesses have far too much power, and should not be allowed to exist in their current state. Pretty much all there is to say, but I know at least one person will have something to say in retort.

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Is that person me? :3 What can I say, retorting is fun!


Anyway, it's not like I really disagree with you as such, it's just... Here's the thing: There is nothing really preventing people from doing exactly that. If people wanted to they could rise up and tear down those companies, quite easily as a matter of fact. All they have to do is not buy into it. If everyone switched to Linux, Microsoft would crumble. If everyone quit Facebook it would fall. If people had a good reason to, they could change everything. And, in fact, there are a significant number of people who are actively doing all that. It's not actually all that hard. But not everyone is in agreement. Some people don't see anything wrong. Some people do but they feel it's not enough to stop using the things these companies make. And that's okay really. That's what Anarchism is all about after all, that everyone is able to have their own opinion and do their own thing.


I mean what do you want, the government to step in and regulate everything? Or maybe a god? That should be the last thing an Anarchist should want don't you think? Or maybe your more inclined to take matters into your own hands? That's fine with me, but I don't see a problem with people choosing to do otherwise. I mean, I am pretty sure you and I are on the right side here, the side that is going to win in the end. The gathering in the shadows is growing. Ever so slowly, but it's there. But it's going to be a long road to go before it's over, because it isn't exactly a straightforward obvious issue that most people can rally around. Not yet anyway.


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