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Entry 005: New Project (not saying the name yet)



I've made some progress with this new project, and I intend to finish it.


I have the playable characters planned out, and a story arc as well.


I will be using the standard VX Ace style sprites, and forward facing face graphics the generator provides. Of course, most of my custom graphics will be made in GCH: PE (which has been updated to 3.5 as of the day of this post), but there will be plenty of variety.


I currently have issues with some things, but I'll get them worked out.


I also am working on a button configuration script that will allow one to customize what buttons function as confirm, cancel, menu and dash, as well as debug functions so that those that wish to test with a gamepad can do so comfortably.


That's pretty much it for now.

Obligatory shout out to the best ever codex manager, @Kayzee; you rock, girl!


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Hmmm? Codex manager? I don't really remember managing that many codexs lately... Are you talking about my cute widdle Pedia script? But she's not nearly finished yet...  Or are you just talking about my tendency to drop atomic lorebombs random places like it's WW3? :P


Also rather confused about your numbering scheme now, what with you going up to 00F and then 00F+1 and now 005? ...But I suspect that's the point, isn't it? >w<

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@Kayzee, my dear, that numbering system makes more sense if you notice that this blog here, is not the same blog.

Amyrakunejo's Game Cabinet (this blog-five entries  005)

Journal of the Phoenix (the blog you're referring to-fifteen and a half entries  00F+!)


Codex manager, I dunno. You write code, you write it well. It's the title I gave you in the KB Discord server, lol

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Oooooh! Hehe... Right, multiple blogs are a thing.


Huh, you know I never thought of the word codex as being related to the word code before, though it's pretty obvious when I think about it. Though 'codex manager' is too Latin for my tastes. I rather be known as a Dernkeeper. Hehehe... :3

Edited by Kayzee
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