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coding problems Entry 006: Demo for game project 99% ready (CANCELED)



Below lies the original blog that has lost relevance.



I'm not going to reveal the name of the project (it is still a working title FTR), but there's one coding bug that I need quashed before I move on to the demo.


Imagine wielding a sawed off shotgun in one hand, a .357 Magnum in the other. One shoots a cartridge of pellets that scatter, the other a single bullet.


Now, you would imagine that when firing the first gun, you'd shoot all targets, and then one target with the second gun, right?




Sure, I could just change the shotgun to a weapon that attacks just one target, but then that defeats the character development since the character in question uses this exact mechanic in her previous game appearance (okay that's technically not true since dual-wielding wasn't a thing in said game but the possibilities were there).


So yeah. That's what I need help on. If anyone can help me with this, I'll be sure to do something extra special for you. Hell, I'm doing that several as is, but it won't be a big deal for one more.


I'd start a topic on this, but there's a good chance I won't get anywhere with that, and I wanted to have this demo ready by the end of January.


Well, other than that, got graphics many to finish, but I can do that as I go along.

I also have more music and sounds to find, though for now, what's running is sufficient.


Please help me...I'd do what I could for you if you asked me.......



Due to the way I was treated on a different and now completely untrustworthy forum, I've come to grips with the fact that as much as I love creating, I'm no artist, no game dev, and most certainly not able to continue on. I'd ask for help but there's no point so from now on, unless by some miracle of Eden and Yggdrasil that comes in the form of a deep apology and pledge to never harm me again and to aid me in whatever I need, I'll simply be a gamer. Hello, depression, hello, darkness, goodbye, fairness, honesty, and light....


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