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Edits and Mack Rips

That One NPC


Since discovering the Loose Leaf sprite generator, I have been on a quest to expand the available selection of parts. Most of these are simple edits that give more options, and make those simple edits readily available for multiple uses.


My edits are imperfect - newbian at best - but I am thick skinned, and always willing to correct my mistakes. So feel free to give feedback and tell me where and how I've messed up. I promise you I will not take it as judgement, but be thankful for the assistance it truly is.


If you use any of this stuff, you're not to credit me. I just edited existing sprite materials. I've created nothing. These are Loose Leaf sprites with some Mack and RTP part rips.


I have done some crude edits of existing Loose Leaf parts.


I turned the robe into a tunic that doesn't obscure as much of the leg area. It's not much of a change, but it's perfect for knights and warriors.

The loose cloth areas could maybe be cleaned up a bit, but as part of a composition, it isn't as noticeable


I also cut the tunic in half for even more customization, and to port the lower half into a waist option.




A  more basic headband option with no tie to the rear.



.Two versions of the bandana that give it more flexibility.




A third waist guard option.




A Cloth belt to add more waist options. (Mack Rip)

Also check out the fingerless gloves.




A simple waist sash.


A more decorative waist sash.


A simple torso sash (or strap).




Arm bracers, and shin guards, for more armor customization and lighter class builds.




Light shin pads.




Head gear ripped from Mack sprites (some may not line up to your liking, or require removal of overlapping hair pixels)







I made this sword strap from scratch. No credit is necessary. Consider it's usage rights akin to Loose Leaf sprites commercially speaking. (I forget if LL sprites are commercial or not. I never intend to go commercial so I forget what's what in that regard.)





Recommended Comments

I'll be working on the female library soon. My plan is to flesh out the male to my liking, hitting the main addon item ideas, then port that as equally as possible into the female library. I'm hoping this will ensure consistency and cut time spent working on it by about 25%, vs doing them both at the same time, given the learning and skill curve I'm noticing already.


I just got comfortable enough with Paint.net's Hue/Saturation function that I'm powering through recolors with ease now. I understand Gimp makes it even easier but I'm not ready for a whole new program, just yet.

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1 hour ago, PhoenixSoul said:

If there is/was any documentation about that, it has been pretty much lost to the void of the internet.

Sigh, it's such a shame that so many RM resources have just vanished. It makes me sad lol

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