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Final Fantasy Sprites V1

That One NPC


I sat down and made a few of my FF characters using the DIY Loose Leaf generator, and after successfully completing Stryker, Casius, and Cideon, I finally managed to complete the perfect (or close to, at least) Loose Leaf sprite for Seto.


I'm pretty excited about how well all four came out. I attempted some generated faces, but the only decent one is Seto's.















This is more or less how the characters were created to look and dress. As close as I was going to get any sprite without commissioning work. I can't wait to make Ana, Marrick, Lilly, Biggs, and all of the others.




I also did adult sprites for the Earthbound characters, just having some fun.















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7 hours ago, PhoenixSoul said:

I don't know those FF characters at all.


I  certainly hope not. ^-^ They are from my own FF tribute story. Not something you should recognize at all, unless you frequent role playing boards.


His real name is Hans Venechenko. Stryker was his Special Ops code name during his time in service to the Empire.



It's funny, I don't find the Earthbound sprites that sharp at all. Notably bland, little to no detail or creativity, let alone characterization (Ness aside). Figured I'd share them so they wouldn't be a total waste of RM time, lol.



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Sharp as in...less pixelated. lolz


The only character I know by name is Cid, but since there's a Cid in every FF entry...


But I see. Again, having nothing to do with the MK character, but yeah, lol

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That's because they are original characters I created for my FF Tribute world. There should be no way you recognize any of them, unless you read the RPs years ago.


Unlike most people, when I sit down to express my love for something, I don't straight up rip it off. It has to be my own.


Over and above being a creative person, I have respect for copyright laws (something most RM users need a stern lesson in).

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I'm primarily a fan-fiction writer (Fair Use, yay!), though to be fair, a lot of what I write is reinterpretations of the storyline.


Anyway, I won't get into what you said about 'laws' because that's another topic neither here nor there.


I create my own worlds, characters, and so on, but love meshing other existing worlds together to see what happens. In that regard, @Kayzee and I have a lot in common.


I most certainly admire your work, and would never 'rip it off', but tributing in some fashion would be in my wheelhouse.

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