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Destiny Star Face Collection [Update#3]

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That One NPC


It's been a while since I've been around with any sort of updates, and I'm about to make up for that. I've been working on more faces for Destiny Star Saga.


I created a concept for the lead male's father.



I made some concepts for the 'cyan nation'.



'Yellow nation' characters.



Goblins and kobolds, anyone?




A few loose concepts.



Some imperial soldiers who will join your army after being defeated.



I've planned a rather large scene for their surrender and hope to do a lot with them within the plot.


We are soldiers. We go where they tell us to go. We fight who they tell us to fight. That is our job, it may even be our duty, but it is not our identity.


The Empire is our home. It gave us strength and purpose, and we fought to protect her freedoms. But I look around and all I see is freedom...freedom the Empire is taking away bit by bit, piece by piece.


The rebels don't fight to destroy us, but to free us from Emperor Omadika's tyranny. And that is what we must do. At great personal sacrifice we must free our motherland from this course of corrupt expansionism.


Your own people will paint you a traitor, a turncoat coward. But when our bones are settled in the dirt, the voices of the world we fight to build today, will echo through Tripony Square, singing songs to honor us. We, the few who dared to risk it all for a better world, and a better Empire.



Made a concept for Emperor Omadika and his family. The son will actually join your cause.


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