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An Excerpt From My Book

Verdiløs Games


     This is gonna sound like a cliché, but as soon as he left, the lights began to flicker. I, being tired, put it off as simply being the old wiring. I let my mind wander to thoughts of being in my bed, cuddled up with my cats. The warmth of the blankets became more and more desirable as the heat seemed to be sucked out of the building. I shivered, and pulled my hoody on. It was late, and I was cold. Did I mention I was tired? I’m sure I did. And then the lights flickered again. Except, they didn’t turn back on after the first few flickers. I could swear I heard whispering in one of the back rooms as they shut off. I blinked in the darkness, trying not to panic as I made my way to the back in the blackness, not daring to use my phone’s light, should I accidentally draw attention to myself from some unnamed robber. Or worse, a murderer.


     It was at that moment that the lights to the food stations suddenly came on. I jumped, startled, backing into a shelf and knocking it over. I heard with dismay as each shelf in the store toppled over like dominoes. Then, I heard the whispering again. Only, it wasn’t coming from the back rooms this time. It was behind the counter. I spun around, only for the speakers that normally played nice instrumental shopping music begin blasting out Norwegian death metal at their highest volume, the sound so loud you could hear the speakers straining to play it as who I assumed was the lead singer screamed out death in that nearly demonic tone you heard so often in this genre. I covered my ears against the noise, a headache budding in my already tired brain.