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Entry 008: Ramsey



Yes, that's the name of the game, and the main character.


I already have some art done, but it's demo art. The actual in-game facesets and sprites will be handled by Neon Black's Character Customization script, which I have a fairly decent handle on, but I'm not going to be doing anything with that until after I get far along in game development. I figured out a way to make the female character sprite for Looseleaf have a flat chest, and I am also using MV's angled faces. Oh, and I'm also using MV's hair for the sprites. I have to shrink the hair and move it around, but it works.

"Why is her name Ramsey? Jon Benet Ramsey??"

Ramsey is partially based on a short story I read long ago, about a grifter by the same name, who is feminine, a runaway, and a victim of rampant child abuse. If I were to go much further into detail, someone like @Rikifive would likely tell me to edit this, so I won't. I forget who wrote it, but I got the distinct feeling that the author had some relatable feelings.

One of the main differences is that the short story was told from the eyes of a grifter back in the 1800's, whilst Ramsey, my game, is set in a non-linear timeline, akin to games like The Elder Scrolls that have no relation to the timelines of Earth as told by government.

Ramsey is like myself, an Anarchist, which also contrasts (in part) the short story character, though if only because she never talks about it, but every chance she got, she'd urinate on the back walls of any religious establishment, and I intend to have Ramsey act similarly (off-camera of course since I'm not that skilled at pixel art lolz), since both iterations of Ramsey are only interested in religion as far as watching it all burn.

Another difference between the short story character and my iteration, is that Ramsey the grifter was a massive alcoholic, whereas my iteration hates alcohol (ties into parental abuse), and would rather get stoned off of some 'dank weeeed'. Actually, both iterations of Ramsey tie their usage of drugs into parental abuse, but Ramsey the grifter was made to like alcohol from a young age, whereas my iteration refused and often got abused as a result.

Something both iterations do share in common is their love of stealing, though my iteration of Ramsey prefers stealing from the undeserving rather than from just anyone, and also hates seeing thieves take from those that are struggling, even offering to help get their stolen belongings back.

I won't spoil the story much more, but I will say that the biggest contrast between the two is that Ramsey the grifter ran away because she killed her last remaining parent, and even left her hometown, whereas my iteration of Ramsey went through two near-death experiences at her last remaining parent's hands, and decided she'd had enough. She made sure that her idiot of a parent couldn't follow her by injuring them, and took off with what she could, though unlike Ramsey the grifter, she made a promise to go back and face her parent once she knew how to do so without resorting to violence. If only she knew just how bad it would be.

I'll also be detailing out how my iteration of Ramsey came to be who she is, rather than having the player figure it out with tidbits of info like how the author of Ramsey the Grifter had done. Since the first part of the game is story driven and far less about combat, it'll be easier to tell the story that way.

Stats that are different from standard RPGs
Equipment that changes character appearance (in part)
NSFW - Maturity Level 4/7 (sexual references, written depictions of various acts, kinks, psychological f*ckery, debaucherous acts, anti-government/anti-religious acts, uncensored language, references to LGBT+ issues/lifestyles, references to 'pop culture' and to other games and mediums, graphic game over screens)
Multicurrency system, Merchant system, Crafting system, Relationship system
Sorcery and Technician skill sets

Death/GameOver only in some situations; loss in most combat situations only results in currency loss if that

Completion to demo stage - 4%

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