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New Characters for a New Project (That I Haven't Started Working On, Don't Worry Guys)




I have no details about them yet other than they are girlfriends, the top one is a goth witch and the bottom one is a fairy (I wish the Picrew had wings).

The fairy sometimes makes flower crowns for the witch. Even though she does not usually wear that sort of thing, she wears them anyway.

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Yay! More cute fairies! And witches too! Is this a different new project to your Outsiders idea? Don't burn yourself out now! Hey, you know these two characters might fit into your Outsiders game as NPCs or something and you could make your new project idea be connected maybe? Like a sort of spin off/sequel you can work on after Outsiders! I could see you making a whole bunch of Outsiders games in the same universe, especially if they aren't too long. Or you can make them different episodes of one larger game? Food for thought! You know, just in case your brain is hungry. :3


Also: Not all fairies have wings you know. In fact fairies having wings is a relatively recent trend! Fairies only started having wings a few hundred years ago, and fairies have been around for much longer. And elves and aos sí even longer then that!

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