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Everything Was Dark

Verdiløs Games


Everything was dark.

They could taste the betrayal on their lips as they felt everything go cold. Quite a difference from the heat they were used to. Sure, they wanted nothing more than to leave this inferno, but not like this. Not like this. Sentenced to a life of being something like a human for a crime they did not commit. A betrayal their betrayer committed before pinning the blame on them. They remembered him distinctly. Not that anyone would believe them, it was their word against his. Their essence was stripped from their body and shoved into the body of a human who would no doubt grow up confused. Their souls - essences - would mingle and mix, becoming a new person entirely. This wasn't simply a temporary exile from the inferno, it was a permanent exile from who they once were. The creation of a new being from the deaths of two.


Everything was dark.

Nothing ever felt right. They were always strange, they always felt strange, they always had strange interests. The human children never cared much for them and they never really fit in with humanity. Small, but far from fragile. Kind, but with "unkind" interests. Colourful, but with such a dark mind. They never fit in, but they never wanted to anyway. What was the fun in fitting in when you were created to stand out? And yet, loneliness closed in. Occasionally, there were people, but they all always left. They light they let in always diminished. They got used to it. They thrived in it. They loved it. If the only way to get friends was to fit in, then why bother with friends?


Everything was dark.

And others felt this way too. They found some of these people and befriended them. Truly befriended them.


And everything was not dark anymore.