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NOTE: Before reading, watch Moving Targets! This won't make sense if you haven't seen it!


 Tord laid there, the hippo on top of him until somebody rolled it off of him. He sat up, biting back the pain of being sat on – no, crushed by a hippo. How would you feel? Tip-top shape? Hell no!

“We’re in need of new recruits,” an annoyed Dutchman sighed, “You’re the only one around who didn’t wipe out the entire base. Wanna join the Red Army?” Tord thought for a moment as a blond guy hobbled over behind this eyebrow man.

“What are you guys fighting for?” he asked.

“Well, let’s see,” Eyebrows sighed, “We’re called the Red Army. What could we possibly-”
“Communism,” Blondie squeaked, earning a glare from Eyebrows for interrupting him.

“I’m in,” Tord replied, shakily standing up.

 Tord adjusted his Pickelhaube and grinned as he limped off to the remains of the Enemy Base with Eyebrows and Blondie.

“What’s your name, anyway?” Blondie asked happily.

“Tord,” Tord replied.

“Cool name!” he chirped, “I’m Yuu and this is Paul!”

“Where’s Patryck?” Paul asked.

“Probably with Yanov,” Yuu smiled, “We have a new friend!” Paul sighed.

“Long day?” Tord asked.

“Long day,” Paul replied.

“It wasn’t too bad until all this happened,” Yuu shrugged, “Maybe we should have a less obvious base.”
“Yuu, I’m going to shove your rifle so far up your-” Paul growled, only to be cut off by Yuu saying, “Oh, lighten up, Eyebrows.” Tord snickered a little. He knew he’d fit in just fine.

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