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eddsworld life after the end Jurassic Zombehs



    Edd lounged on the sofa in his smeg head shirt, watching reruns of the show from whence that phrase came.

“We are talking jape of the decade,” one of the characters said, “We are talking April, May, June, July and August Fool. Yes, that’s right. I am Queeg.” Edd laughed.

“Plot twist!” he shouted.

“You’ve seen it before, Edd,” Tom said as he walked past.

“It’s still funny,” Edd grinned. Suddenly, Matt skated in, staring at his reflection with a happy grin as he circled the table. Tom sighed and flopped onto the sofa.

“It seems like we do the same thing every day,” he sighed, “We should do something a little more… I dunno… Interesting.”

“Let’s worship me!” Matt grinned. Tom and Edd stared at him for a short while.

“You first,” Tom sighed, resulting in Matt staring at himself in the mirror, forgetting all about the other two.

“Wanna visit Fun Dead?” Edd asked.

“Nah,” Tom replied.

“You know,” Edd said thoughtfully, “We did get these tickets in the mail. Something about an island retreat of adventure and excitement.”

“Is there a bar?” Tom asked.

“Probably,” Edd replied.

“Let’s go.”


    It was a long boat ride and when they got off, they didn’t even realize the island was, aside from them and their fellow passengers, completely deserted. Travel exhaustion is a wacky thing that leaves you feeling a little off… Well, until your friend finds the bar and starts serving himself. Even then, you may not realize the true extent of how few people are there or that everyone you came to the island with is missing.

    Edd and Matt wandered around, taking pictures and seeing the sights. Suddenly, a loud roar can from the forest.

“Tom?” Matt called, “Is that you?”

“I don’t think it’s Tom, Matt,” Edd replied. Loud thumping came from the forest, shaking the ground more and more as it got rapidly closer to the two. The two gasped.

“A t-rex!” Matt exclaimed.

“A zombie t-rex!” Edd yelled.

“I’m gonna ride it!” Tom grinned, running out of the bar, “Matt, go run that way. I’m gonna climb up that tree and jump on it.”

“Only if I get to ride it next!” Matt yelled, running in the direction Tom was pointing. The t-rex chased after him.

“Can this vacation get any better?” Tom asked.

“You bet Jurassican!” Edd grinned. Tom ran off and climbed the tree. He grinned, readying himself to jump on its back, only to be startled by a zombie brachiosaurus peeking into the tree he was in and roaring, causing him to fall out of the tree with a startled shriek. Being the great friend he is, Edd took a picture of the spectacle while laughing.


    Tom scuttled backwards, away from the brachiosaurus and right into a nest of zombie compies. Naturally, he got up and ran off screaming. The dinosaurs chased after. After a few seconds, the t-rex decided to abandon Matt and chased after Tom, as well. Matt sighed in relief as he flopped against a tree. His relief wasn’t long lasting however, as a zombie raptor stepped out of some nearby bushes. He looked around frantically, only to see one to either side of him. Naturally, he ran of screaming.

    Edd waved at the oncoming ship, trying to get its attention. It veered towards him just as Matt came bolting out of the bushes.

“What?” Edd asked, looking at him, only to see the three raptors chasing after him. Edd looked towards the ship, hoping it would speed up. But no, it slowed to a halt.

“Of course,” Edd sighed. Then, out of nowhere, a zombie megalodon rose from beneath it, snapping it up between its jaws like the tastiest snack it’d ever had.

“Alright, time to run!” Edd exclaimed, running after Matt. The two got to safety in the bar, hiding behind, well… The bar.


    “Any idea where Tom is?” Edd asked.

“Last I saw, he was being chased by a lot of them,” Matt replied, “He’s a goner for sure.”

“Oh ye of little faith,” Tom grinned, rolling out of one of the cabinets, a bottle of vodka in hand.

“TOM!” the two exclaimed in unison.

“Turns out zombie dinosaurs are a liiiiiiiiiittle on the invincible side,” Tom said, taking a drink from the bottle.

“We should build a boat,” Matt thought aloud, “Get off this island and back home.”

“Did you not see what happened to the last boat?” Edd asked, “It got eaten by a prehistoric zombie shark!”

“Cool!” Tom exclaimed with a grin, “In all seriousness though, we should really look for a way off this island.” The other two nodded and they all three headed out into the jungle.


    “I’m tired of walking,” Matt groaned, “We’ll never get off this island.”

Then, the zombie t-rex stepped in front of them. The made a b-line between the dinosaur’s legs, causing him to look so far down that he flipped onto his back with a gigantic THUD. They kept running until….

“Hey, look at this!” Tom said, picking up a gun lying on the ground, “Maybe this’ll keep those zombies at bay!” As if on cue, a zombie raptor ran in front of the three. With a grin, Tom shot at it, only to discover the gun had no bullets. His grin melted into panic and the three ran again, only to meet face-to-face with the t-rex. They ran in another direction, out onto the beach and saw a helicopter above them. They all jumped and waved and screamed, but to no avail.

“Matt!” Tom yelled, “Do you still have that mirror?”
“Always!” Matt replied just as loudly. Tom grabbed it and reflected the sun off it.


    “Hey, down there!” Yanov exclaimed, pointing down, “We’re being signalled!” Paul looked down.

“Oh yeah,” he replied. Then, the sun reflected right into his eye.
“Gah!” he exclaimed, “They’re signalling at a bad angle, whoever they are!”

“We’re going down, we’re going down!” Yanov shrieked. Patryck ran up and took the wheel, guiding them to a safe landing on the island. The three pilots stepped out.

“We’re saved!” Matt yelled, “Hello! Save me! I’m pretty!” The three ran into the helicopter and before the pilots could say anything, Tom flew off.

“THANKS!” he yelled down, “GOOD LUCK!” The pilots looked at each other, then behind them as a loud roar broke the awkward silence.


    Tom landed them back at their home safe and sound and they all plopped onto the sofa.

“I think we’re all agreed,” Edd said, “Let’s never go on vacation again.” The other two nodded in agreement.

“Wanna watch something?” Tom asked.

“How about Zombie Dinosaurs from Jurassic Island?” Matt suggested, earning a well deserved yet exhausted glare from his friends.


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