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“Matt, you’ve been in there for five hours!” Tom yelled, banging on the door, “Let someone else use the bathroom!”

“Just give me a minute!” Matt replied, staring at his own reflection. Tom groaned in annoyance, bouncing outside the door impatiently. Matt smiled at himself in the mirror for a few minutes longer before opening the door and nearly being trampled by his flatmate, who shoved him out the door and slammed it. Cheerfully, Matt walked to the sofa and flopped onto it.

“Oh, hey Matt,” Edd said, flipping through the channels in boredom.

“What’s on?” Matt asked, running his fingers through his ginger strawberry blond hair.

“Nothing.” Edd got up and turned on the DVD player. “Wanna watch Zombie Dinosaurs from Jurassic Island?”


Tom wandered back in as the movie started and sat beside Edd.

“What’s on?” he asked.

“Zombie Dinosaurs from Jurassic Island!” Matt replied excitedly. And so, the three watched the movie.


The next day, Tom and Edd met up at the breakfast table.

“Morning,” Tom grogged tiredly as he reached into the freezer.

“Morning,” Edd replied, eating a big spoonful of cereal, “Use the milk.” Tom pulled his chair out.

“Why?” he asked, pouring vodka over his bowl of Eddsworld cereal. Edd sighed.

“Have you seen Matt?” he asked.

“Probably still sleeping.” Tom drank from the bottle before setting it on the table and adding, “Or staring at himself.”

“I’ll go see if he wants to eat something,” Edd said, getting up. He walked to Matt’s quiet room and knocked on the door.

“Matt?” he called, “Are you awake? We’re having breakfast.” He stood at the closed door and listened to the silence behind it.

“Matt?” he called again, the soundlessness beyond, his only reply. He quietly opened the door.

“Matt’s never this quiet…” he mumbled, stepping in. He glanced around at the unmade bed, the scattered beauty products, the photographs and drawings of Matt, the Matt doll on his bed, the beginning of a new novelty toy collection peeking out from underneath the bed and the odd lack of Matt.

“Matt…?” he called again, before noticing a slight movement from the corner of his eye. He whipped around to face the antique full body mirror propped against the wall. Staring back at him was a reflection of himself with one key difference – the reflection’s eyes were glowing red. The door slammed behind him before he could leave and as he tried the knob, it wouldn’t turn.


Tom yawned and finished his cereal.

“Yep,” he sighed, hearing the banging of Matt’s door, “It’s gonna be a long day.” He looked through the fridge and wrote down a short shopping list.

“Edd, Matt, I’m gonna go grocery shopping!” he called into the back of the house as the banging subsided, “Call me if you can think of anything!” He quickly ran out the door, not to return until late in the evening.

“I’m home!” he called into the now completely silent house, setting the bags of groceries down and kicking the door closed, “What’d I miss?” He walked off to Matt’s room and knocked on the door.

“Are you two still in there?” he asked, “What are you doing?”

“Why don’t you come in and see?” Edd replied, “Matt found this cool thing!”

“Okay,” Tom shrugged as he opened the door, “Where are you?” He looked around for a moment or two before realizing just what a huge mistake he’d made as he set his eyes upon the lack of his two friends.


“They’re in here,” his reflection said, beckoning him closer. As Tom stepped forward, he didn’t even notice the door closing behind him. Drawn in by the image in the mirror, he barely noticed his slow, uneven steps as he shambled ever closer to his red-eyed reflection in a mesmerized and discombobulated hypnotic haze. The reflection reached his hand out and Tom reached his out to meet it. Their fingertips touched and the reflection dragged him into the mirror.


Edd stared at the newcomer with a sigh.

“You too?” he asked. Tom pushed himself off the floor and nodded.

“So, what is this?” he asked.

“Matt got another magic mirror,” Edd replied in annoyance, “This time it’s a world of our worst fears. Just look at Matt.” He pointed to the rocking self absorbed huddle shivering in the corner and Tom turned him around and gasped as he saw that Matt’s entire face was missing.

“What’s yours then?” he asked, turning back to Edd.

“No more cola!” Edd exclaimed in anguish. Tom’s gaze floated to the ground in nervous thought before he looked at his friend once again.

“Worst fears…?” he asked, feeling as if something was sneaking up behind him. He slowly turned, not wanting to look, hoping this was some weird drunk hallucination…


Then he ducked as a pineapple corer slammed into the opposing wall in the spot where his head was not a second previous. He watched as the pineapple corer dislodged itself from the wall and flung itself at him again. Tom nearly dodged the corer, but a bleeding scratch on his arm and a flash of pain revealed that he’d been hit.

“Maybe I should take a moment to reflect on this,” Edd grinned as he ran off, “I’ll go think of a plan, you just keep on dodging!” Tom stared after his friend before narrowly escaping being gored again.

“Hey, wait a second!” Edd exclaimed, spinning around with a great idea, “Tom, get in front of the mirror!”

“Why?” Tom asked, jumping out of the way of the corer.

“Think about it!” he replied, “How else would you escape a mirror?”

“Oh!” Tom grinned as he dove in front of the mirror. The corer turned to face him and he ducked just in time as it broke the mirror, pulling the three flatmates back out. Edd grabbed it and threw it to the ground, shattering it completely.


“Now then,” he said, “I’ve spent a whole day without cola.” Tom paused for a moment, realizing he forgot something at the shop possibly more horrifying than a sentient pineapple corer launching itself at his face.

“I know we were out this morning and you went shopping, did you pick up more?” Tom stared nervously at his cola addicted friend, before make a run for the door.


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