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Edd walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, surprised to see Tom and Matt already there.

“Hey Edd!” Matt chirped before taking a drink of milk though his crazy straw.

“Morning,” Tom said, watching milk pour off his spoon and back into the bowl.

“Hey guys,” Edd replied, pouring his own bowl, “You’re up early.”

“Yeah, we decided to clean Matt’s room.” Tom looked at Edd. “Problem is, neither of us know what kind of chemical concoction we’d need to clean that mess.”

“Oh, don’t worry!” Edd replied shoving a spoonful of cereal into his mouth and mumbling some sort of concoction.

“Alright then,” Tom sighed, “Once more in English?”

“Follow me,” Edd said, leaving the table. Tom and Matt followed.


“Alright!” Edd said, “I need bleach, baking soda, vinegar, ammonia and dish soap.”

“That sounds a little dangerous,” Matt said quietly.

“Trust me, it’ll be fine!” Edd grinned, “This stuff’ll clean anything.” And so they mixed this concoction within Matt’s bedroom. The fumes filled the air almost immediately, sending the three running out of there for some actual breathable air.

“That was a horrible idea!” Matt cried.

“We just need it to calm down and we can get back in,” Edd smiled, “Don’t worry!”


Several hours later, they opened the door, only to find the room completely empty.

“See?” Edd grinned, “What’d I tell you? It’s clean!”

“MY EVERYTHINGS!” Matt screeched. Suddenly, a low growl came from within the closet.

“Tom? Are you hungry or something?” Edd asked.

“I thought that was you,” Tom replied. The three looked to the closet in terror.

“It’s your room, you go check it,” Tom said, shoving Matt towards it. Matt nervously reached to the closet door.

“Well open it,” Edd said, “It’s probably just Ringo.” Matt took a deep breath in and opened the door.


There for all three to see was a giant green germ monster filling the entire closet. Matt ran out of the room screaming at the top of his lungs. Tom and Edd glanced at each other, then at the monster.

“Ew,” they said in unison. And then, it oozed out, leaving a slimy black residue in its wake. The two ran out and slammed the door shut.

“To the cleaning aisle of the grocery store!” Edd yelled, dragging his two friends out to the car.


After a brief shopping trip, the three came back home, goggles pulled down, rubber gloves snapped on tight and spraybottles in hand, ready to fire at the onslaught of ickiness that awaited them inside. They all gasped as Tom opened the door. The interior was black and slimey, the goo monster sitting grossly in the centre of the room.

“I’ll say it again,” Tom said, “Ew.”
“Agreed,” Edd replied, “Let’s get our house back!” The three charged in, spraying away.


The goo monster roared and shot a gooey limb out at Tom, who slipped and fell before being dragged into the monster, kicking and screaming. Edd and Matt hesitated, staring at the ghastly sight, then glancing at each other for a brief moment.
“I have an idea!” Matt called out to Edd as he dashed out the door, “You hold it off!” Edd sprayed it a few more times, waiting for Matt to come back. Matt was soon to return with the water hose.


“Not in the house, Matt!” is what Edd wanted to say, but all that came out was, “Oh.” as his friend turned the hose on and sprayed the entire house with water, blasting the blob into a disgusting puddle on the floor. Whistling as he worked, Matt then mopped it up.

“How’s that for spring cleaning?” he beamed. Edd spat some water out and brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“At least it’s gone,” he said, looking around. Tom shakily stood up.
“Tim!” Matt smiled, “You’re alive!”


Tom looked up slowly and grinned at the two as black slime oozed from his empty eyesockets.

“Tom is gone,” he said, “Now the Virus will infect the world!” Matt smacked him with the mop and knocked him to the floor.

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