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Matt was staring into the security mirror when he heard edd gasp.

“To the zoo!” he rushed past him towards the car, cola and a newspaper in each hand.

Tom just sighs and pays for the cola before taking a swig from his flask and quickly following after him, grabbing matt as he passes and dragging him away from the mirror.

It only takes a few minutes in the car before all the cola is gone and they’re pulling into an old, decrepit parking lot. edd rushes through the rusting gate past an unenthusiastic teen, who doesn’t even bother asking them to pay. Tom and Matt walk in and look around curiously. Tom is inexplicably drawn to the turtles for some reason and Matt starts posing for all the security cameras.

Edd runs all over until he spots it! A TIGER! He bolts over and hops over the waist high fence between the viewing platform and the chained up cat.

“Hey! You can’t be in there!” a security guard hops the fence as well and charges after him as he approaches the snarling tiger. Edd turns to look at what made the sound as the guard trips and tumbles past him, coming to an abrupt stop when the tiger pounces. 

Edd looks at the small crowd of people who stare in horror and shrugs, used to brutal violence at this point, and jumps a little when something lands in his hand. He looks at it to discover a set of keys. He starts towards the cat again, this time grinning and with the keys needed to free it. While the tiger is busy mauling a guy Edd doesn’t hesitate to hop right onto it’s back and unlock it’s collar.

The tiger roars and bounds over the fence as people scream and scatter.


Tom grins as he leaves the turtle enclosure, very drunk and proud of himself for some inexplicable reason. The wonders the park for a few minutes before he spots the meerkats… and the chinchillas… and the lion cubs…

~meanwhile again~

Matt made pose after pose, running between cameras trying to get his best side from all angles. He doesn’t notice the screaming or crying as he sees a door with a big picture of a camera on it.

“Yay! Photo booth!” he rushes in the door and is immediately entranced by all the monitors and buttons. He rushes up to the console and starts pressing every button he sees as the cameras start moving around frantically and fizzling one by one. He squeals in delight as he spots the biggest and reddest button he’s ever seen and slams his hand down onto it!

“WARNING! WARNING! THE MASTER LOCK HAS BEEN DISENGAGED!” Alarms scream and matt bolts out of the room, giggling like mad. he is swept up in a crowd of people running out of the park, several bloody with gashes and one guy missing a hand, and somehow finds himself at the car where tom is closing the boot.

“Hi Tim!” Tom jumps at Matt’s shout and turns with a drunken grin. A few little paws can be seen pressed up against the window.

“Abou’ ‘ime you ga’ back! We ga’a go!” he slurred as he rushes matt into the back seat and hops into the passenger, rolling down the window and shouting out for edd. “EDD! GET YO’ AS’ TA DA CA’!”

Their both startled by a thump on the top of the car and edd seeming to slide off the side, completely unharmed.

“You two ready to go?” he gets into the driver’s seat as Tom and Matt nod rapidly. Edd drives home, uncaring of the crowd. 

“Hey Edd! ‘Anna meet ma’ ‘ew fri’nd?” Edd nods at the odd question as a tiny cheetah cub pops it’s head out the neck of tom’s hoodie. “I’m gun’a name ‘im… spot!”

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