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People disappear all the time. People reappear all the time. But disappearing and reappearing without much fanfare, the situations and circumstances often being all hush-hush, and with new, deadly looking wounds and scars, often after your supposed death, is something rarely heard of. In fact, outside of Revenant, Oregon, where I now live, I had never come across anything like it.


I first noticed it when I moved here, and a man by the name of Jacob disappeared. No investigation was made. The higher ups at the company he worked for paid off the local law enforcement. The second weird thing was how a few days later, people saw him walking the streets at night. He supposedly showed up in a blurry security camera image outside of a morgue. Some people claimed they could made out a Y-incision on his bare chest and stomach, clearly from an autopsy, or a dissection, or a vivisection, or something to that effect. As soon as any of this was brought up though, it was drowned out by other things, and it seemed all too purposeful. It seemed too much like it was being covered up.


This pattern kept popping up. People would go missing, or have all the evidence lead to their death, only for them to reappear at night, in graveyards, in morgues, in hospitals, on grainy CCTV footage, in blurry pictures. But all evidence that they reappeared would disappear.


In one case I remember, one girl’s entire existence was completely erased. Most of the people have forgotten about her, and her family refuses to acknowledge she ever existed. Her name was Marina Northwood. I can’t even search for her on the internet, and she was a moderately known social media influencer. Every trace of her has been wiped clean, except for what people remember of her, and one blurry picture of her standing in a graveyard.


Marina’s girlfriend, Eleanor, reportedly killed herself a year after her girlfriend’s disappearance. Police found the knife, and the blood and fingerprints were her own, but they never found a body. A few days later, somebody saw her in an alley between some houses, late one night. That person has since withdrawn the statement, but I refuse to believe that they lied. This wasn’t the first time, and it most certainly wasn’t the last.


The next one I remember is a guy I want to say was named Tyrone, but I can’t remember exactly. His best friends confessed to getting into a drunken fight with him, and murdering him. The body was never found. The friends swore they never hid the body. In fact, one of them claimed that his dead friend got up, and attempted to smash his head open on a desk. He certainly had the injuries to prove it, but he later withdrew the statement.


I normally wouldn’t go anywhere with this story, I would just keep it to myself, but I turned the news on tonight, and lo and behold, another disappearance. A young woman, Monica Brian, age 21. Her blood, hair, fingernails, a tooth, and some ripped up fabric were found near a dumpster in an alley. Her body was nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen or heard from her in three days.


Has anyone else witnessed anything like this? Have you come into contact with anyone who has disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? Have you disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? If you know anything about this, please let me know. I have to know. I have to know what is going on here.


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People just inexplicably going missing and seeming to vanish into nothing is, believe it or not, actually kinda normal. You would think in today's always connected world that would be nearly impossible. Not so. It's quite easy in fact. Sometimes you can go for a walk for example without telling anyone where you are and leave your phone off or at home. You might just walk for hours and hours on backroads or following trails and might wind up in another country if that part of the border isn't secured very well. You could even do this in the middle of the day and be seen by lots of people and chances are most of them will just not remember you.


Sometimes people get up one day and just... leave. Sometimes they committed a crime they are running from, sometimes they just feel like they need a new life, some times they never meant to be away that long but one thing lead to another and they are gone for years. And sometimes they never left at all you just hadn't happened to have seen them. These things happen. For all that people like to keep track of other people, sometimes they slip through the cracks. Maybe they could have been found if someone put in a little more effort, but people tend to be lazy if they can help it. Sometimes they suddenly show up years later without an offered explanation. Sometimes people don't even bother to ask.

And who knows, perhaps every once and a while someone might be walking through the woods or a park they think they know well and hear giggling in the trees. Maybe they ignore it and continue on, maybe they get scared and get out of there and later convince themselves they imagined it. But maybe, just maybe, they get a little too curious and hear the giggle again deeper in the woods. And well, people like that if they get seen again don't tend to be seen for a long time and often have been marked by the experience, for better or for worst.


Not only that, but as PS implies, people's memories can be unreliable. A false memory is easy to implant with the right story... Perhaps it might be not too much harder to tell someone a story that they start to believe over their own memories. If someone is skilled enough, perhaps they could mold a susceptible person's while memory to their whim. Post people might not even say anything about it if they start remembering something different or if they do they don't push it for fear that one of them might be crazy. Well of course they are! They both have the delusion that the world has to be an ordered rational place where things always make sense.


It's okay though all you poor foolish souls... I am here to try and free you all from the terrible shackles you call 'sanity'! <3

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