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Entry 012: Big Picture Fail; Passions...



Yeah, you likely already know that Steam is laying a massive turd on me in the form of starting with a feature I never use because it doesn't work on my hardware and it is not interesting enough for me to even want to bother with. Here's the thing. As of this blog, the night before, Steam was running just fine. I rarely muck about with settings, though I do intend to change a few things if I ever migrate from Yahoo (yeah I hate that email client but getting set up on another is tedious as well as too many hoops to jump through).

I never bother with Big Picture, though I did notice that Steam can be told to start in Big Picture mode. I always leave this off, but I do wonder if a Steam update forced this option on, and if there's a way to reverse that outside the client. If not, I am screwed. I have a lot of time and resources invested, and getting refunds for that just because I only get $440 a month via disability and have 2008 hardware that runs like garbage (it is garbage and I got ripped off but had no clue back then), is not going to happen.

So, I'm asking for help, that I'm very unlikely to receive. You already know that I cannot accept digital payments, and are unwilling to aid me otherwise, so I'll take tips on fixing this stupid problem with Steam.




"WhY dOn'T yOu JuSt GeT a JoB?"
About the only job I could get is selling myself on the streets, as bad as it is for those like me with no job experience and no college degree...gee, thanks US government...

Even if I could get a job, I'd likely find myself working some manual labor crap that would not pay me but bare bones, and cause me duress, stress, and strain that would completely annihilate my sanity, what's left of it, as well as my mental stability, which is a balancing act as is. I'd last a few weeks at such a job. Now, is that fair? No, not to me, not to the employer either. One can not just 'get a job'; the work has to fit the person, not the other way around. Segue to...


My passions. I am a creative writer, a gamer, a game dev, among other things that don't equate to workable skills. Problem: there's no job market for me in this because my skills in game dev are mainly in using a damn engine and requiring help from others in my weak points, and creative writing is something I can't do consistently.

Anyway, this is why I'm so angry. Above all, this impacts my passions massively. I do have the archived version of VX Ace, but that's just it. I don't want to rely on that solely. I can't, actually, since Degica is an asshole about archived RM engines, even if I have a legitimate version. Damn you, VALVE!!!!

Well, if this is how this is going to pan out, this will likely be the end. There's a bridge not far from here...


Edit, Addendum + Update:
@Kayzee, dearest love, helped with using a single command line addition that I never would of thought of otherwise.
I also put that up on the Help forums on Steam.
Now Steam runs just fine, but the thing is... in my settings, Big Picture on startup is unticked. So, it makes one wonder if somehow, someway, there's some hidden away setting or flag that allowed Big Picture to start when starting Steam. Not that I have to worry about it now since I intend to not allow Steam to run it (I'll use that shortcut instead-no problem).

Of course, all this, it still adds up to unfair and unearned stress that wasted my time and everyone else's too. For that, I apologize on Valve's behalf since they won't.

They likely wouldn't care...grrrr...