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     Meanwhile, back at the Red Army base, Red Leader shot at a target a few times at the shooting range.
“What do you want me to tell you?” his A.I assistant, Cindy, retorted, “Your aim is perfect.”
“I’m bored,” he sighed, “I just want something to do!”
“You could go help retrieve your box,” she suggested, “That could be fun.” He reloaded several of the guns and sighed.
“You’re right. Let’s go to Bosnia and hopefully not get shot out of the sky!”

     He ran out to the other plane, punched in the coordinates and set it to autopilot. He reclined the seat and kicked his feet up on the control panel with a yawn.
“Wake me up when we get there or if I need to take control, Cindy,” he said, closing his eyes. When Cindy finally did wake him up, it was because they were headed directly towards a mountain. Tord yelped and quickly took control of the plane so he could avoid the mountain, looking down in time to see the Blue Army base… And a zombie tyrannosaurus rex. He grinned in anticipation as he landed near it. He watched it for a few minutes as it attacked the outside of the base.
“So that’s where all of those zombie dinosaurs from that island went…” he mumbled to himself as he began sneaking towards it.

     Soon enough, he was on it and riding it inside the building and into the chamber with the other zombie tyrannosaurus rex. He felt like James Bond. Suave, intelligent, breaking all the typical codes of conduct, storming enemy lines on a sweet ride…
“HEY!” he yelled, “OVER HERE, BIG ROTTING UGLY!” The other dinosaur whipped around to look at him, its massive tail throwing Patryck against the far wall. Tord smirked.
“YOU!” Blue Leader yelled, pointing at him from behind the glass.
“You bet!” he replied, “Don’t tell me you seriously didn’t think I wouldn’t show up! And in the flesh, which is more than can be said for you and your robot selves!” She scowled and ran off. Tord turned back to the problem in front of him – that is to say, the zombie T-Rex that he wasn’t riding – with a smirk across his face.
“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” he said, charging his own massive dinosaur at it. Of course, zombies don’t mess with other zombies. It was a flaw that became more evident after he realized that the dinosaur he was on was actually going for his men. He quickly slid down its back and ran to the now wide open giant door.
“Guys!” he called, “This way!” And once he was sure his men were following, he ran off.

     “Where’s the plane?” he asked.
“It’s just down there!” Yuu said, pointing at the landing strip ahead of them. Patryck looked back.
“I didn’t know this before,” he began, “But as it turns out, Tyrannosaurs can really haul a-”
He was cut off by gunfire from ahead.
“Oh come ON!” Yanov cried, sliding under the hail of bullets and firing back at the previously hidden guards with his own two pistols, “Can’t you give us a break?!” Paul pulled out some throwing knives and threw them at the opposing forces as he ran for the plane while Patryck and Yuu ran in different directions to cause a distraction.

     Tord stopped midstep and just grinned at a thought that occurred to him, that clearly hadn’t occurred to anyone in the Blue Army. There were more zombie dinosaurs. Zombies are never sufficiently contained either. He turned back around and calmly walked between the legs of the enormous undead T-Rexes and followed the trail of blaring red hazard lights down to the rest of the zombies. With a grin, he slammed his hand on the button to let them all out. Then, much like the Tyrannosaurs, he hauled a-

     When Paul got to the cockpit, he glared ahead at Blue Leader, who was calmly sitting on the control panel with a devious smirk. Yanov quickly joined him.
“Can we just call it a day?” Paul asked, “This is encroaching on my smoke break.” Yanov stared at him.
“THAT’S what you’re worried about?!” he exclaimed.
“So says the guy who took a flamethrower to some guards over the fate of his portable gaming console,” Paul replied dryly. Blue Leader rolled her eyes.
“Here you two are arguing when I’m the one holding all the cards,” she said, “And by “cards,” I mean-”

     Yuu and Patryck quickly ran into the cockpit.
“Four against one,” Yuu said, “I think I like our odds.”
“You four just lost against me less than an hour ago,” Blue Leader said.
“You had guards!” Patryck said.
“And you can make it five!” Tord grinned, carrying in the gunblade, “Now you can either get out of here and deal with the problem in your base, or I can figure out how to use this thing.”
“My guards here are expendable,” she said, “I don’t care about them. I don’t care about this base. I don’t even care about Bosnia. I’d rather see you go down.”
“I guess it’s time for an epic gunblade fight!” Tord grinned, “Cindy! Play my boss fight theme for me!” On cue, a sick beat and thumping rhythm took over the speakers as the weapon charged up a blast.

     Paul, Patryck, Yuu and Yanov watched as the robotic body for Blue Leader exploded into smithereens from one blast of the gunblade.
“Really?” Tord said, half disappointed and half intrigued, “I was hoping for more of a fight. But I really do appreciate decent firepower.” Patryck took off, shooting the plane into the sky. Once they were safe, he punched the coordinates for the Red Army base and sighed, flopping into one of the seats and promptly sliding out of it.
“So what’s in the box anyway?” Yanov asked curiously.
“Oh, you know…” Tord said. Unfortunately, Cindy turned his epic boss theme up too loud, effectively covering up his explanation of what was in the box. Everyone was more or less annoyed about that, but they gave in, exhausted from everything that just happened.
“I’m glad all of that is over,” Patryck groaned.
“Me too,” Yuu agreed.

     When the five returned to the base, they made a group effort to carry the precious cargo to Tord’s quarters. Tord pried the lid off and they all peered inside. A grin spread across Tord’s face.
“At last!” he said reaching in, “It’s finally here!”
“That’s what we went through all of that for?” Paul grumbled.
“I think it was worth it!” Yanov grinned, “It’s amazing!”
“Definitely,” Yuu replied. Patryck just laid on the floor, asleep at this point.
“Let’s go try it out!” Tord said.
“Let’s not,” Paul replied, “It’s been a long day.”
“Whatever, Paul!” Yanov said, opening the door, “I’m off to the training area with Tord!”
“Me too!” Yuu agreed.


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"What's in the box?"


Though in the context of this story... I am imagining something from one of those "Bad Dragon" adverts I used to see a bunch of places. Mostly because it makes the final scene so much more interesting. <3

Edited by Kayzee

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akshbsoidfbiebifbibsoiufebjslkjes omg

That's hilarious. Considering I'm a huge polyshipper, I vote go for it. In reality, it was just a new gun to try out, but I left it ambiguous to get people's minds going in a funny way and I guess it worked perfectly.


Rereading that final scene with the Bad Dragon thing buzzing around my head just made it more hilarious honestly. "When the five returned to the base, they made a group effort to carry the precious cargo to Tord’s quarters." I swear- XD

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Yeah it was pretty obvious it was just a new weapon of some kind and you were being cheeky, but I like my version better. :3


Hmmm? A Bad Dragon thing buzzing around your head huh? I think if a Bad Dragon thing is buzzing your supposed to use it somewhere else, but to each their own. :P

Edited by Kayzee

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