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What happened to World of Chaos?

Nothing really happened to it. I didn't abandon it or anything (I promise). Life just got in the way between grades, graduation, jobs, etc.

With that being said, I'm not *currently* working on World of Chaos only because it's game size is large (content-wise), and I probably shouldn't attempt to release a huge game on my first time showing a game I created to the public. So World of Chaos has not been dusted but is currently on the backburner. What project am I working on? It's called Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles (RM XP), and it is a much MUCH smaller game. I can't give a definite date on when it'll be done since I'm still going through life stuff, but as soon as I can calculate an ETA, I'll let you guys know.

Game takes place in a room between a grandfather and his grandchild. Grandfather is showinf his grandchild this book, and the story of the book is where the game takes place. Now, the story itself takes place in a realm where magic stems from Seroma (Afterlife). Seroma was created by a man named Calhadin,. The Azarian realm has 12 Davkins (AKA Kings/Queens) with Calhadin acting more as the guardian of the realm that watches over his creation, Seroma. The story starts with you waking up in some strange place you've never seen, and you have a short chat with a mysterious man before Calhadin intervenes and breaks you out of there. You end up helping to close a portal leading to the Azarian Realm, and from there, you are sent to the Davkins to tell your story. After that, the Davkins suggested you are of importance to either Calhadin or whoever is leading the invaders, thus, they decided you will help end this invasion and will aid in any way they can for when the expected final battle comes.

What I have done so far:
CTS Battle System

16+ Custom Stats

Status Screen overhaul

Tutorial and Intro

Message system

On-map object interaction system

3D on-map gameplay


What I plan to do next

Level up system

Skill leveling system




State animation tweak so that you see the name on the animtions
Note: I have a script that cycles animations

Main Quest

Side Quests


I will do the above in that order. The game should be done after I do all of that. After this game, I'm going back to working on World of Chaos. Therefore, expect to see Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles Progress blog series in the near future.