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euthanization Entry 013: Goodbye, Oscar...



Tomorrow...July 2, 2020...

My doggie, Oscar, is getting euthanized.


Let us just say that, for his breed he's well past his prime (a pug), and as a result...

1) is 94% blind, 96% deaf
2) can't walk or stand very well
3) bumps into everything, lack of spatial awareness
4) has issues with breathing and eating (the former an issue his whole life but is worse now)
5) jumps at the slightest thing
6) is obviously miserable
7) can't really be bothered to do much more than sleep

"How old is he?"

Had him since early 2005. He was a teeny little furball back then.

"I'm sorry."

It's alright; at least he's in somewhat better health than Max was back when he had to be euthanized back in 2016. You're gonna ask, so...

Max was my other pug; got him mid 2003 and he was slightly more mature. His health declined quickly after 2011. He got to a point where he was completely blind and his eyes had turned blue, was completely deaf with a very shrill bark, and barely could move, eat or drink. I remember still, the last time I carried him down the stairs to go outside, and about two hours later, he had a seizure he never fully recovered from. Yeah.

I'm glad Max is gone; he no longer suffers at least. I will feel the same way about Oscar's euthanization, but, the catch is that even though I know he suffers, it's far less obvious, at least until you observe him walking over things and bumping into walls...

So...losing Oscar is going to hit me harder. I loved giving him rubs and scritches, and when he could keep up with my rhythm, walking him (I stopped walking him because he just cannot keep up anymore so I have someone else aiding me there since I have autism-related issues with my rhythm being upset like that).

Likely, I won't be getting another pet. Actually, it might be good to just not have one at all for a while. However, my depression is only going to be worsened by this...

Anyway, just wanted to say something about this, in case something comes up down the line as a result of the tragedy...

May the Divines guide us all...