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Entry 015: 'Cuties' (Twatties)



I've not seen the movie (Netflix is and will always be a wealth-based privilege), but I did watch the review by SidAlpha, and from what I gathered, it is less about 'coming of age' than it is about twats being rebellious, something I can relate to but nothing like that. Apart from this, I really don't have much to say.

I don't think that the intent of the creator was malicious, but in the end, it's not about intent, but about content; the content is trash/poorly cobbled together storytelling.

Yes; twat and brat are the same thing. Brat is 'MuRiCaN' terminology, but all the same, all the same, English is such an odd language.

Anyway, arbitrary age and maturity do not go hand-in-hand; one only need to see what Donald Trump is tweeting for one prime example of many, of how immature 'adults' almost always are. I used to know one person, who at the time, was 'underage' but also homeless and no one cared otherwise. She performed sex work for money, and last I knew, had been victimized by thugs with badges and guns because her client's arbitrary age was much higher. If not a victim of theft because I don't know if she got paid beforehand (the thugs were lying in wait), at the very least, they only went after the client and didn't provide her with any aid at all. I've not seen or heard from her in a long time. Maybe she found a way out, maybe she's buried six feet under, or incarcerated, Odinn only knows... I do know one thing. She knew, and understood. She understood the potential domino effect, and to me, that's more than mature enough.


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I dunno about you, but I can't take 'brat' or 'twat' seriously as insults. I mean 'brat' just sound way to much like something a rebellious teenage girl would secretly love to be called because it sounds cute. Also 'twat' is also another name for vagina, and ya know what? I am kinda baffled how people calling each other vaggies and wee-wees became an insult. They are some of my favorite body parts! And nether are very creative. I think the insult that really comes to mind when I imagine the kind of people I assume you are talking about... Is empty. Or The Empty if you need a catchy term for them.


I mean to be clear, we all have some emptiness inside us. I know I do! Not nearly as much as I did once upon a time though I am sure. Because that's the thing, everyone and everything starts out empty and is slowly filled as they grow and develop. But everyone once and a while you run into someone who... didn't. No matter how much their body has developed or their ego has matured, their soul is still mostly or completely empty. They can walk, but they walk nowhere. They can talk but they talk about nothing. They can act in a manner that some would call kind or act in one some would call cruel, but they have no understanding of either kindness nor cruelty.


The thing is though? That type of emptiness? It's a waste of time to even bother to engage in. Why you are being up yet another trash movie made by the empty for the empty that obviously was never going to be good in a million years? I sometimes dare to hope that by understanding the empty I could find a way to get through to them and open them up to more... To find just the right words to show them the way. But... Well that was probably mostly always my own foolish arrogance talking. Maybe you can't help everyone, and some people will, for whatever reason, always be empty in your eyes.


I know, I know, you 'care too much'. But what are you attempting to do here by bringing this dumb movie up? Are you trying to say something or just rambling? Nothing wrong with rambling, goddess knows I do it all the time!

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Twat as used for classless slang for vagina is not the original definition of the word, since the slang is also 'MuRiCaN'.

I wouldn't call the young ladies empty, just immature and less than capable of understanding the aforementioned domino effect. That's fine, it does not bother me because let kids be kids and let them learn from their own mistakes, yet I only see one instance of that occurring at all which to me looks like they tried to copy and paste the ending of Annie, and it doesn't work. To me, it looks like the movie is half-finished and I can conclude this from just the review itself.

Netflix also defending this movie and trying to tell people to trust the critics that are praising the movie is very telling.

Sid was right; it is pedo bait. No, worse than that, it is pedo-enabling. Pedophilia (the sexual attraction-not the general obsession with children itself), is a mental disorder, often caused by trauma and/or inherited from the parents (according to the information I read-I don't know if genetic traits could play a role though), and as such, those people need help, and a lot of it. What do we do? Lock them in f*cking cages like zoo animals. That helps no one; it only makes them worse, as planned of course.

I'm not going to discuss that any further, because I don't have it in me to dive down that f*cked rabbit hole.

Emptiness, or potential? I call it the latter, but there is a difference.

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I'm not talking about kids being kids though. There is a difference between being a kid and being empty. Thing is, most kids actually are pretty darn smart. Sure they can be lacking in some ways and they are usually still figuring out who they are, but they still have some idea. And even if most of them are probably not skilled enough to make a good story, they can still have good ideas. Thing is though, kids didn't make that movie I bet. Kids don't tend to make movies in general. Nor do they often actually review movies in any way that people actually pay attention too. No they are made and reviewed for kids by adults. And these adults often seem to either assume that kids are completely emptyheaded or are emptyheaded themselves.


I have said it before and I will say it again, one of the things that annoys me the most about human society is how humans treat their children. I admit it's a tricky thing to get right, but they can do better. Stop feeding them mindless, empty entertainment, start telling them stories that mean something. Stop hiding information away and getting pissed off at media when it shows a child shouldn't see, and start actually paying attention to the things they watch and teaching them why things can be bad. Stop trying to make them be exactly like you and let them actually decide who they are themselves.


Also... You know, it may be controversial to say, but I don't think the majority of sexual predators who go after children are actually 'pedophiles' exactly. No, I think most of them don't actually care and just see kids as an easy target. It's all about power for some people. Just being attracted doesn't mean someone will actually go out and abuse children.



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I've seen some home-made films made by younger people and they're pretty damn entertaining if a bit rough, but so what.

Back home, I saw children playing and exploring as they will, learning from their own mistakes and only receiving guidance from their parents. I was one of them too, and when I was imprisoned in mortal flesh was still one of them, was still learning, still receiving guidance, only to have all that stripped from me.

There's a better Latin word for the type of predator that would harm children in this way. Anyway, it doesn't matter; laws in place are going to enable the behavior for s long as they exist, and that is a fact.

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On 9/14/2020 at 2:42 AM, Kayzee said:

I dunno about you, but I can't take 'brat' or 'twat' seriously as insults. I mean 'brat' just sound way to much like something a rebellious teenage girl would secretly love to be called because it sounds cute.


When someone calls you a brat, they're more than likely bringing attention to qualities such as ignorant, headstrong, selfish, or the practice of unwittingly destructive behavior. It's not really something used to describe rebellious nature.

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