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That One NPC





After the Great War the Bahamir Dynasty had been decimated. The Essences had been gathered, but the Bahamuts were permitted to remain in he hands of the Bahamir people. Simply "hiding" them anywhere was too risky. Rather than establish a kingdom to rebuild, they chose to once again become tribal, retreating deep into the highland wilderness near the base of Mount Ramuh. They would remain hidden away, protecting the Essences of the three Bahamuts. They divided into three core tribes. The central tribe would house the old royal family, and a portion of the nobles and common classes. But it would also house the Bahamuts, kept in the possession of the royal bloodline. They have remained in the highlands for two long eras. 




Henato Senior


King of the Bahamir people, Henato grows old, and must prepare his sons to inherit his kingdom. Henato Jr, Sedato and Seto are his three boys from oldest to youngest.


Henato Jr. is the ideal Bahamir Prince. Strong, hearty, honorable and humane. He is a folk hero of the people and somewhat of a celebrity among young boys and females of all ages. He possesses the pendant containing the essence of Bahamut ZERO.


Sedato remains close behind Henato Jr., following in his footsteps, led by his example and influence. He and his older brother live like rock stars of the Dragoon Kingdom, doing their best to retain their honor and dignity all the while. Sedato possess the pendant containing the essence of Neo Bahamut.

Seto is the runt of the litter. He struggles to conform to the pressures and expectations of a young Dragoon Prince. He's not overly strong, smart, brave, or wise. He develops anxiety and insecurities by the time he reaches his teen years as a result of being a member of the royal family. Unsure of himself, his life, or his ability to be a Prince, Seto leaves his people, fleeing into the wilderness to escape the weight of an entire kingdom resting on his shoulders. With him travels the pendant containing the essence of Bahamut.





 A young Seto travels the world, never finding a place he could fit in. A place he could call home. He learns to become a phantom, never staying in one place for too long. But still, he cannot resist the ways of his people, lending a hand to help anywhere he can. By his early twenties, he has an understanding of the realm of Odinspawn and what makes their cultures tick. He blends into their routines, but remains as a ghost. During his time spent in the Slums of Zenobia, he meets a man by the name of Edge Widowmaker. An ex-Zenobian soldier and renowned outlaw criminal. Seto draws strength from his persona, taking the name Edge in place of his own after witnessing the renegade's death during a gun fight. Using the name Edge garners fear and respect beyond the sands of Zenobia, where the name holds weight, but few knew the man personally.


Seto continues to use the moniker during his travels. Through the use of said moniker, Seto is introduced to the Peoples Rebelion of Zenobia. An underground network of anti-Zenobian cells stretching across the Empire's reach. It is here that Seto finally finds a cause he call his own. Something to fight for.


During a lone wolf attempt to confront and kill Sarovoc, Seto has a chance encounter with a young, independent freedom fighter by the name of Anastasia Maria Grace.

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