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Legacy Frontier Characters

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That One NPC









This is a work in progress, so I'm going to be adding the other characters and fleshing out their profiles over time.






Native Region: Andromeda Galaxy

Occupation: Smuggler

Class Concept: Ballistic expert 

Primary Weapon: Firearms

Age: 25

Motives: Survive | Find a way out of the smuggler's life | Adapt to the planet she has crashed on

Profile: Acosta is an interplanetary smuggler from the Angora star system who operates on her own, out of her small space ship. Her job requires hard work, lots of risk, and a clean conscience. It’s not easy for her deep down most days, but her exterior is like titanium. She makes her living trading weapons, medical supplies, food, and technology between planets and star systems. She leads a lonely life on the razor's edge. We find her on a space station in the middle of a financial quarrel with a crew of fellow smugglers. Acosta has an outstanding debt and it's finally caught up to her. Betrayed and set up by her current employer, she makes a hasty escape. Her foes give chase and just as a deep space dogfight is about to ensue, Acosta's ship is sucked into an anomalous void of energy. When she reemerges from the void, her tiny ship is cutting through the atmosphere of Terra, a small planet with cultures ranging from  late medieval,  to post-industrial, to post-modern. As her ship careens toward the surface, so too does a meteor of unknown origin. Distance between them is created during descent, but they both land in Hedoras Region, a quiet, post-industrial area of the Karakus Nation.





Native Region: Hedoras

Occupation: Unemployed

Class Concept: Free Form

Primary Weapon: Free Form

Age: 22

Motives: Find his path in life

Profile: WIP





Native Region: Hedoras

Occupation: Unemployed

Class Concept: Bowman

Primary Weapon: Crossbow

Age: 27

Motives: Find work and money | Help Faris spread his fledgling wings

Profile: WIP



Sierra Petrova


Native Region: Karakus

Occupation: Special Agent, Karakus Investigation Bureau

Class Concept: Ballistic expert 

Primary Weapon: Pistol

Age: 30

Motives: Figure out what happened in Hedoras Region | Protect her cousin, Sasha

Profile: WIP



Edwin Nash


Native Region: Karakus

Occupation: Freelance Inspector

Class Concept: Ballistic expert

Primary Weapon: Pistol

Age: 42

Motives: Track down and arrest Vasher, a notorious criminal and murderer | Discover the mysteries behind Vasher's latest plan

Profile: WIP



Goodwin Nash


Native Region: Karakus

Occupation: Businessman, Black Market dealer

Class Concept: Fighter/item user

Primary Weapon: Hand to hand

Age: 47

Motives: Maintain his wealth and power

Profile: WIP



Colton Grady


Native Region: Laughlin

Occupation: Law Keeper

Class Concept: Gunslinger

Primary Weapon: Revolvers

Age: 33

Motives: Uphold the law in Laughlin Region

Profile: WIP



Sasha Petrova


Native Region: Karakus

Occupation: Agent, Karakus Investigation Bureau

Class Concept: Ballistic specialist

Primary Weapon: Pistol

Age: 23

Motives: Improve her position in the agency | Make her cousin proud

Profile: WIP



Luna Ta'Or


Native Region: Midas

Occupation: Princess

Class Concept: Healer/Mage

Primary Weapon: Magic

Age: 21

Motives: Protect her kingdom from the outside, modernized world

Profile: WIP





Native Region: Sikage

Occupation: Swordsmanship Instructor

Class Concept: Samurai

Primary Weapon: Katanas/hand to hand

Age: 48

Motives: Spread virtue and enlightenment | teach swordsmanship to a new generation of students | protect Sikage Region from all forgein threats

Profile: WIP



Markus Vitelius


Native Region: Meridia

Occupation: Former Knight

Class Concept: Warrior

Primary Weapon: Longword

Age: 28

Motives: Rematch Percius and kill him

Profile: WIP



Amilia Vitelius


Native Region: Meridia

Occupation: Cadet In Arms (Junior Knight)

Class Concept: Tank

Primary Weapon: Sword & Shield

Age: 18

Motives: Protect Meridia Region | Become a knight

Profile: WIP



Rin Mortis


Native Region: Underworld

Occupation: Succubus

Class Concept: Demon

Primary Weapon: Magic 

Age: Unknown

Motives: Unknown

Profile: WIP





Native Region: Taros

Occupation: Mercenary

Class Concept: Spellblade

Primary Weapon: Sword/Magic

Age: 26

Motives: Stop Percius from bringing ruin upon Taros in the name of his overlords

Profile: WIP




There are some main antagonists that have been developed so far.



Percius Maximilian 


Native Region: Taros

Occupation: General

Primary Weapon: Longsword 

Age: 35

Motives: Conquer Meridia Region | Pave the road for Taros to become a new world power

Profile: WIP





Native Region: Karakus

Occupation: Outlaw

Primary Weapon: Firearms

Age: 52

Motives: ???

Profile: WIP




There are some recurring characters that will appear more than once, and provide some comic relief as well as some good plot-work each and every time.



Mr. Pugsworth


Native Region: Midas

Occupation: Street urchin, con artistMayor of Midas City, Boss of Pugsworth Crime Family

Age: 10

Motives: Gain ultimate wealth and power

Profile: WIP




Native Region: Perth

Occupation: Con artist, Vice Mayor of Midas City, Pugsworth Crime Family Capo

Age: 21

Motives: Serve and protect Mr. Pugsworth | Disassociate from his brother, Randy

Profile: WIP





Native Region: Perth

Occupation: Grifter

Age: 21

Motives: Pull the ultimate grift and retire to Costa Del Vista Region

Profile: WIP





Native Region: Tanis

Occupation: Operative (Spy)

Age: 32

Motives: Unknown

Profile: WIP




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