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Entry 016: Novara; Rachel.




I've seen/heard these names a few times in sleep visions I've recently had. The former is written on a trader's map, written in a font different from any of the other scratchings on it, as if it were part of the original map from before the trader acquired it. In my native tongue, Novara has a few meanings, most often referring to 'beginning and end', and as a name, feminine, rarely used because it has the same connotations. Not sure, if the name on the map is the cartographer, name of the region, or name of the planet, but the map in question is of my homeland and in part, surrounding areas. The scratchings on the map indicated that my hometown is a favorite of this particular trader. I came across the map early one sleepless morning, just as some of the people that barter their goods in the market square were setting up their shops. Likely, the map wasn't discarded purposely, but I never found the owner. Yeah; I know not, the name of my home world, or the names of many areas. I in fact do not know much about the geography of my home world, as I've never actually studied it. Of course, if I did want to travel abroad for a living I'd have to, or would need a navigator who is in the trade.


Rachel. (Rah-shell)

I've heard this person's name a few times in my sleep visions. I've come to realize that, the person who this mortal flesh belongs to, goes by that name. Beyond that, I know nothing else, not even he/she/they/ana-kata. What it means, though, is that, the person who this mortal flesh belongs to, also does not go by what it says on any 'legal' document. Of course, we all know that #LegalIdentityIsSuperficial.

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