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updates Entry 017: Does anyone read these??



Got a newer and more capable PC, Windows 10 decided to corrupt the only storage option I had for it, and haven't the means to get a new one.
Ramsey is coming along.
I've mostly focused on gaming.
I sleep very poorly.
I'm lonely and depressed, and guess what? It takes one finger to count how many actually care, and zero to count how many can do anything about it.
This 2007 DELL PC is being forced to run as if it were a more capable PC because the internet is an arsehole, and it will eventually stop running, which will piss me off.
I still accept gifts and got one for Mid-Spring observance (Steam Wallet funds).
No one talks to me anymore, and honestly, it's having a really harsh effect on me. 🙍‍♀️
I wanna give that jackarse Vlad the Chump a good old fashioned beating. #KrushTheKremlin
I'm very homesick.
Does anyone read these? I wanna know. Also, whatever happened to Crescent?

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