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mythical legends ML: Azar Chronicles Progress and Plans

Lord Vectra


This is my current project since World of Chaos has been on the backburner. I mentioned it in my last blog a few years ago, but I am back!

Let's go through the main mechanics

Battle System



It's an ATB system with the added benefit of pausing when your turn starts. The ATB is called "Charge" in-game (abbrreviated to "CH"). Also, I understand the text and numbers are a bit hard to read, so I plan on bolding that to make it much more readable. The speed of which your ATB increases it equal to your SPD. Armors will decrease your SPD. That white bar on the enemy is it's SP bar (called MP in other RPG Makers). This enemy has no SP so that is why it's white.

To your left, you can see that you can switch gears mid-battle and there is a Status Lexicon which lists all the status effects in the game (that I want you to know). Another option that hasn't been implimented mid-battle is a Rules Lexicon that will lists the rules of combat, how to level up, how damage is calculated, how DEF and RES works, etc, working as a reference when the tutorial is over or for those who want to know the nitty-gritty math behind certain things.


Leveling System



For starters, companions are auto-leveled, so they don't get this screen.

Stats are self-explanatory. If you press "D" while looking at the stats, it will give you a description of each stat. Each time a stat increases by 5, it increases it's corresponding trait by 1. SPD may be removed from one of the stats you can increase via level up.

Stats and what they do

  • Max HP: Dictates maximum amount of HP you have.
  • Max SP: Dictates maximum amount of SP you can have.
  • STR: "The damage and hit stat for weapons. Boosts your Aggression and Might Trait
  • DEX: The hit stat for shortblades(optional) and bows. Increases your EVA (Dex / 2). Boosts your Tongue and Handiwork trait.
  • SPD: Determines how fast your charge bar fills up in battle.
  • INT: The damage stat for spells. Boosts your Senses and Knowledge trait.


There is a trait system which is out-of-combat exploration stats used for when determining if you can push a log or persuade someone to give you money. There is a thought of maybe unlocking combat skills when they reach a certain threshold, but that'll be done way later if I decide to to be a good choice. When a trait's corresponding stat increases by 5 after 20, they are increased by 1 as well.

Traits and what they do

  • Might: Boosts STR checks related to throwing, jumping, and swimming
  • Aggression: Boosts STR checks related to intimidation and provoke
  • Tongue: Boosts DEX checks related to persuasion and deceit
  • Handiwork: Boosts DEX checks related to lockpicking
  • Senses: Boosts INT checks related to perception and discerning lies
  • Knowledge: Boosts INT checks related to forgery and recall lore

Masteries, the meat and potatoes of the game, is similar to Skyrim where Masteries (skill categories) start at 15 and caps at 100. Unlike Skyrim where you increase your skills to level up, you level up to increase them here.

AP is points for your stats, Trait Points is points for your traits, and Mastery Points is for your Masteries. Each level up, you gain 3 AP and 10 Mastery Points, then every 2 levels (2, 4, 6, etc), you gain 1 Trait Point. ONLY the main character has this for any companions you get will level up and have their points allocated and their spells/skills selected automatically.

Potential is adding all your Masteries together. There is no cap specified yet, but let's say you have 400, it will say 240/400 to show you that you are 160 away from your cap which means once you reach your cap, you will no longer be able to use your Mastery Points.

Picking Spells/Skills


The SP cost here says 40 but its 20. Says 40 because I decided on a formulaic way of determining SP. Instead of changing 100+ Skills, I decided to make a Common Event that changes the SP costs via coding. This screenshot is a result of me forgetting to activate the common event before taking the screenshot.

Each Mastery has 14 skills you can learn and each row is a tier from 1-4, top to bottom. Each tier share 3 things in common: SP Cost, Learn Cost, and Skill Requirement. For each tier, from 1 - 4, they have the following respectively:
SP Cost: 20, 40, 60, 80
Learn Cost: 10, 20, 30, 40
Skill Requirement: 25, 50, 75, 100 (this will be renamed to Mastery Requirement in-game)

Learning Points is in the lower right corner where it says "Learn: 15/15", and your learning points equals your mastery level of that mastery which you are reminded of to the left of that. At the very bottom, you see something all Life Spells share but that'll be talked about later. Press A to learn and S to unlearn. This will be limited so you can't learn/unlearn on a whim. The color of the tet of the abilities are as follows:

Grey: Can't learn it
White: Can learn it
Blue: You learned it from the player sheet (that is what this level up screen is called)
Gold: You learned it from other means and does not count against you in your learning points

Things labed with "CODE" is a reminder to me that some abiltiies need to be coded in and doesn't work purely on database alone.

Masteries' inherented effects


Each mastery has an inherent effect that all abiltiies share. It is as follows:

  • Axes (axes and battleaxes): Attacks have +5% CRIT
  • Hammer (mace and warhammers): After ATK, +30% DEF while CH is 50% or less
  • Polearm (spear and lance): Attacks ignore 33% DEF
  • Shortblade (dual-daggers and shortswords): After ATK, +30% EVA while CH is 50% or less and can use DEX for HIT
  • Longblade (Longsword and Greatsword): After ATK, counterattacks and threat while your CH is 50% or less
  • Marksman (Bows and Hand Crossbows): Use DEX for hit (STR is still damage) and reduces the chance of you being targeted
  • Life: Heal [15% INT] to self when casting a non-healing Life Spell
  • Death: On ATK, inflict Heal Debuff
  • Fire: Inflicts burn
  • Aqua (Ice and water): On ATK, Ice inflicts Freeze. Water has unique buffs (there are no damage water spells)
  • Storms (Lightning and Air): Lightning ignores 25% EVA and Wind has unique debuffs.
  • Earth: After ATK, +30% RES while CH is 50% or less.



Game is 3D-ish



This is how the game will look for a good portion of the game. Certain maps will be completely top-down with no angle to them and some will be a bit less of an angle. What you see in this screenshot is the most angle-y it will get.


Other Things

  • You can pick the graphic and gender of your character
  • You pick the gender of your first companion
  • Critical Hits stun the target for 1T.
  • Critical Fails aren't misses but gives the attacker a decrease in all stats, except HP and SP, by 50%.
  • Bosses have a gold HP bar instead of red
  • Bosses have a 50% Crit Resist (so when you would critically hit them, 50% chance it's a normal hit instead




Choice Map

Similar to Detroit: Become Human, there will be a choice map (you can disable this at the start of the game) that will show you how you affected the game. Paths you do not go down or otherwise don't unlock will show as "???" to keep the mystery. Below will be a reference to how I want to impliment it.




The game will ask you about your income-level and your character's profession. Before you finalize any of those decisions, the game will give you a summary on how the world will generally react to your choices. This combination will decide where your starting story is for your character and the game goes from there. I currently only have the Farmer 1/3rd the way done (been busy), but I believe there are 16 professions I have listed with some locked behind certain income-levels. You will mechanically start poor regardless of your decisions for these decisions are moreso asking about your history before the game began.



Why don't you allow respec at any time?

It makes balancing non-combat abilities difficult and can take away the strategic part of a game. If you face a frost troll, and you're an ice mage, you can just respec to a fire mage without needing to think of a workaround. That is not my vision for the game.

Is all builds viable, then? How limited are they?

Yes. I will be balancing the game with limited respec in mind. I haven't decided in how it will be limited for I'm not a fan of respec potions that cost a fortune.


I want to get it done by March but with my job having us working every day, I can't say if that's enough time.

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