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Dan's Life, The Mysterious Secret between His Aunt, Alice and His Father, John, Chapter one

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Daniel Tom


Dan's Life



In the morning breeze The bell rang,

The was a woman in front of the house,

waiting in front of the door,

She was in her green short sleeve shirt with white flowers all over it and long white skirt.

Along with the hand bag on her shoulder

The door was opened with the sound of creek

"Oh! Mother, are you my mother?" said Dan excited.

He was okay looking, dark hair (you could see a little brown in the front), was at the same height as his dad, thirteen year old boy. He was in his white plain white cloth and black jean.

"No, I am your aunt, Alice which you haven't met, I almost look like your mum, so don’t let it fool you." said Aunt Alice calmly and seriously.

Dan excited mood turned down as his head turned down. His mum left him after a month he born.

"Well, please do come in, Aunt†Dan as he let Alice into his house.

"May I take your hand bag and hang it?" said Dan as he tried to be in his polite manner.

“Yes, you may and where would you put it?†said Aunt Alice soothingly.

“On the hanger behind the door, Aunt†said Dan as he put Aunt‘s hand bag on the hanger. Aunt Alice went to the living room and sat on the sofa. As Dan closed the door, he went to the living room.

Then suddenly, Aunt Alice started to say “I must say, how you knew your mom face?â€

Dan took the picture with white frame from the table with television on it and stared at it for a while.

His face expression changed into a sad face.

It shows his father in his early thirty and next to him is his mom in her early thirty.

There was something in his mother arms. It is the baby. It is Dan. His mom leaved him after one month he born.

It like she vanished in his life.

Worried that his mom going to get into danger in from the day he realised his mom hasn’t came back.

Then Dan passed the picture with white frame to Alice.

Suddenly the bell rang.

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