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It's been a while...Updates :)



Argh...it's been so damn long since I last updated this blog...most likely because life went down the shitter ever so slightly :P


So I've been working hard on LOADS of stuff recently, including Musical joys...and mainly boring stuff. So to the point here is yesterdays update from the GMD Drive:



My bad I thought it was meant for Sunday, oh well here is Saturdays update. Split into the two projects I'm working on:


Lullaby Update


My primary focus this week was bug fixing, eventing and checking up with Lullaby's artist and our scripter to.

My loverly scripter has sorted out the compatability error between Jets Mouse Script and our Lullaby Menu Script. Very happy person XD Also, he started work on our "inventory update" popup that appears every time the player finds an item. As long as I don't cause another bug, like I seem to manage to do it should be working PERFECTLY....once again XD


My artist updated me with lots as her exams have finally finished she's completed nearly all of the stuff that we're looking for. I've finally got a full Logo for Lullaby:


It's beautiful tongue.gif and I love it lol


Also we've got the Title and Game Over Screens:



(can't find the Game Over img right now -_- will have to find it and post later on tongue.gif)


also finished up a few of the scenes, that I started but didn't finish:




and that's about it for the Lullaby Update....


Slenderman's Army Update:


It's all been about map updates for SA this time around...I've improved the old maps, which were rather untidy and didn't make as much sense as it shoulda been:



I know...it's not very pretty.but you don't see very much of the map in game. and in a horror where you can barely see, it's a PAIN to keep bumping into things...believe me XD so I've removed alot of things, but also added in a few extra bits.


With the extension underway, i've especially improved on some of the extra events, one of the big changes is in the room above where I've added in a possible extra bit that you can add unto when you actually complete the main game.

I've still gotta edit ALL of the enemies so that they won't appear if you've got all 8/8 pages in the orignal maps, as i'm adding in the ability to backtrack to unlock and view extra bits and pieces.


Anything Else?




I've also been working on a list of musical stuff including tracks for:


One Night 4, VXace.net ReStaff Release Feb, Breathwind, RPG Maker Fantasy/Futuristic Packs, Lullaby, Slenderman's Army, Various Forum Requests...


So it just doesn't seem to stop. I have had a VERY busy week XD

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