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A map within a map

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I'm figuring out how much easier it is to create these big maps one section at a time. That being said, the edits can't carry over to the other sections properly if I do it that way. I think I may just do all the sections one at a time and then do a big one for the whole world at a different viewable resolution. If I did it all in one go with the main map, it would be unusable by anyone but me anyway. (the current file size is nearly 1g for just the one image lol) Plus, I have to do probably 20 - 30 different filter washes for different things to the whole image and it takes a long time per filter with an image that large. I might figure out a way to seperate the land and sea since I don't have to do as much with the sea. If I can do that, then I can do all the individual edits to the sections of land, put it all back together, and do the filters for the water areas all at once. It would be pretty nifty to have the massive map for anyone who wanted to take the time to download the thing lol (or have something at a decent resolution for printing, in case I wanted to offer that as a bonus)


Who knows. I'm learning a lot anyway. An added benefit is, just with the few sections I've done, I've come up with interesting story tidbits just from looking at the landscape that is emerging. :)


Until next time.

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