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Lesson Four: Damage Floors and Skill Levels



Today's lesson is brought to you by the Letter 3 and the Number Frog. You will find this lesson is a bit more....polished than my last video. I have Jonnie91 editing things for me as well as placing an intro screen and such. There is a bit of bluriness towards the end of this video, but it seems to be working rather well. As always leave questions on youtube or here, and kindly let me know what you think as well.



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Great job, you sound so calm when doing these tutorials... Wish I could say the same for me. Is it possible to edit in like premiere or vegas to zoom up to the important spots? Kinda hard to see when HD isn't available.

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If you can "find" *wink wink* a program called camtasia studio, you get a Screen recorder built in, decent quality too, i use it. Zooms Call up text, so if your talking about any Script elements you can type it up make up Flow up. 

Another great video, consider you subbed :) 

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