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Jonnaz Day-Night Demo



blog-0084822001374407150.pngHello world!

This is my first ever blog entry, so hey guys... if there's anyone who would read this that is.

Well, I better introduce myself by first saying that I have a strong interest in 3D animation as that's where I want to be in the future and so for anyone interested, here's some of that stuff - http://www.youtube.com/user/Flyingfoxenator


Anyway, back to rpg... I just recently got VX Ace and joined this community so on my profile I'm classed as a newbie, yay haha.

...buuut I have had experience with the previous versions as well and I must say that Ace is such a huge and awesome improvement, thankyou so much Enterbrain :D


So of course I've been playing round with all their new features (yea I know, it's like a year old now, but new to me anyway). Everything about this program is just mouth wateringly good :'D

Then after coming on here, I've just been looking up all your guys awesome scripts. Still haven't quite played round with those yet (also please don't mix me up with a scripter... sure I understand it, but I can't write any myself... yet). One of them was Khas Awesome Light Effects script (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/1003-khas-awesome-light-effects/?hl=khas)

Now for some reason I looked at it and thought meh, then carried on. Later on, I saw some images on deviant art on lights and saw things I hadn't even seen or thought of before that would now change the way I use RPG Maker. I had always avoided night scenes, probably because I couldn't get the lighting to look as good as it did during day. but after seeing these images, I figured I would first draw out the scene in RPG Maker, then printscreen and edit in photoshop to transform it into night. So that's exactly what I did for my first test below.




I then created a tile set out of that. Which technically is just that image spread across the space of a tile set.

and during the process of this, I looked back at Khas Lights, and just realized how awesome they really are... so yea, I can understand why awesome has to be in his title lol.

Just the way the shadows move is incredible, thanks Khas!


So just thought I'd post the demo. Enjoy guys, I really hope you give this a go as you probably won't regret it haha - http://www.mediafire.com/download/30sjy2uuph2tbu5/Project_Day-Night_Demo.exe


If there are any major glitches or anything in the game (as this is my first post of uploading a game etc.) please do tell :)

...especially because those doors are quite messy, event wise. :P


Also, I know this probably isn't the place for requests, but if anyone actually does have any requests, please give me yell as I might just be able to help. I can do everything in this program but scripting and composing music/sound effects.




All the script credit goes to Khas. Also all his lights in that folder and used in the demo are his. - http://arcthunder.site40.net

Everything else was created by me. You can do whatever you want with this (not sure what you would do with this, but hey) ...just credit me if you can be bothered, I would appreciate it, thanks.

Enjoy :D


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I had already read it (and even liked), but I decided to comment only now.


Well, first of all, I downloaded the demo and I can say that the method you used combined with the khas script made ​​the map look beautiful, gorgeous even.

So my request is: Do you think about creating a tutorial of how to edit the map image with this shadow effect I found it amazing? (yes, it may seem simple to some, but for me it is not)


Well, that's it!


Despite the simple map this method you have used made ​​it very professional. XD 

I really liked it! :D


Man I took a look at your 3D work, and I can say they are awesome, very good indeed! I hope that you may one day work with it, since it's your big dream, do not give up!

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Haha, yea when I first discovered this, I found it real amazing... and then I found that there were such things as parallax mapping which is pretty much the same thing, but the possibilities are really endless with what you can do if you just draw out your maps. I also heard, you can have separate layers of maps so you can cover the character with shadows and stuff.


I would like to create tutorials one day actually. But I don't think I will be creating any tutorials until I release my zombie game. After that's released, I could focus on some tutorials on how I created the certain effects I plan to be using in the game :). Maybe mid-way through the production, I will create a kickstarter to help fund it, so I can add more features like voice acting and stuff.... so I would end up needing a microphone etc. I could also add merchandise as well with my 3D skills, I can create some 3D prints.

....lol just went a bit off track there :P.


Anyway, for now there are plenty of awesome parallax mapping tutorials out there somewhere haha,


Thanks for the feedback and having a look at my 3D stuff!! :D

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