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[Random Thoughts] When I first started.

I can easily remember when I first started using the RM's.

I made only one complete game on RM2k3 called The 7 Dragons. It was a little bland, had a boring story, too fast paced, but it was my first game, y'know? But even so, I was proud to have finally completed a game that actually went from start to finish. That was about 4 years ago. That game was a great starting point for me, but it was also almost my end because of a little section of the interwebz that I never want to go near again...


The first community I joined was RPGMaker.net. And what a load of S**T that place was. Their admins were okay for the most part, but the real annoying ones were the other users. Everyone there always seemed to act above everyone else just because their games were made better. Every one of the help topics in their forum was answered with "Google it." or some other snide remark, most game submissions were denied for not being too heavily mapped, and other stuff like that.


Take my above stated game for example. Was denied SEVERAL times because the screens I posted had parallel mapping structure. You tell me an RPG that didn't have a parallel room in it somewhere, whether it was a dungeon or an important room. And once I changed it to make the admins happy, they finally submitted it. Oh but it didn't end there. Once it was in, I made sure to say that it was my first game and that I only posted it there so I could get some advice on how to better improve my RM'ing skills.


And the complete opposite was what happened.


One of the several assholes of the site decided to review it, giving it a 1 star rating and completely attacking the game and me for being stupid/horrible/etc. Seriously. He only reviewed it to attack me, the comments saw to prove that. But it has since been deleted, and I've never. Been back.


I had almost lost hope in finding a community where people were actually nice and helpful to others about this stuff. RPG Revolution was okay, but my account kept getting deleted, and I never got anywhere on RMRK.


But now, some 3-4 years later, here I am, in a well-cared for, pleasant community where I believe my skills can improve, and hopefully someday I will be able to release a game I can be proud of.



Here are the final demos of the last two games I tried to make and couldn't finish due to time restraint and loss of project files.

Hope you guys like 'em!


Parasite Eve :Reboot-- http://rpgmaker.net/games/3221/

The DragonSpark Chronicles: The Last Spark-- http://rpgmaker.net/games/2460/