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Super Dungeon Demo Thing



I decided to release a small demo/base/thing for my modifications of Saba Kan's random dungeon scripts. Attached here is a very striped down demo, but hopefully some people will find it useful as a base or something.




Included are seven different maps that hopefully show off some examples of different types of levels. Look in the map properties notes for some of the different options. There is only one type of enemy and a dummy chest item for examples in each map for now, and some maps have traps. There are things I wrote that I didn't include here like dungeon enemy level scaling and randomly choosing items for the chest just to simplify stuff.


(Made some basic documentation here.)


Edit: Updated to make traps work right, and added the blank tileset for dummy map.


Edit 2: Few more bugs due to left over code fixed.


Edit 3: Added code to randomize rect devision more, and to subdevide blocks more. Updated the sample dungeons to reflect this (mostly Dark Place, it's insanly cramped and maze like now). Also traps shouldn't spawn on top of other traps anymore, and the entity placement may be faster.


Edit 4: Fixed a big bug related to room lights not being disposed and makeing games not save right.


Edit 5: Added code to make paths across map edges for wraping maps.


Edit 6: Small fix for using this with the new version of my Cache Back script.


Edit 7: Fixed shops and added the missing script to fix the debug shop work.


Recommended Comments

Hmmm... It works for me. Not sure why it wouldn't for you. Permission issues maybe? This is really really old anyway, so it might be better off to wait till I make a demo of my current project, which is in large part an updated/expanded/better version of this.

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isn't any other link where i can get it from? i really really need this, and i really don't know why the page is 'not available for my account'

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I don't think there is, and I don't really have any good place to put it. Did you post a introduction to get mods to activate your account?

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Hmm the attachment doesn't work for me either. I get this error:


This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.

I've checked the control panel and I don't see permission settings regarding location - it's just allow posting attachments everywhere where apply or not. Exceptions are private messages, where I could disallow posting these there, separately.


@Kayzee Seems like I can add attachments to blog entries and even in the comment here, could you check if you can do so? If yes, perhaps try reuploading it.

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