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  2. multi skill help

    Yes, second idea is what you are looking for
  3. multi skill help

    the way that i wanted it to go is for it to take two turns, one for the sleep spell and the second for the nightmare spell, which im assuming i could use you second idea for? also thanks for taking the time to do all that haha
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  5. multi skill help

    DO NOT FRET, I AM HERE! Alright, anyways, I need some information but instead of asking you to then have to get online to tell me and then wait some more for me to answer, Imma just answer all possible scenarios. If you are saying that nightmare is to be used on the same turn Make a state called "Target" Make the sleep add that state (make sure it's 100%) So, let's pretend that you have the following skills: Name: I SAID SLEEP States added: Sleep (50%), Target (100%) NOW, let's make a common event! So a troop can only have a max troop # of 8 (with some exceptions with scripts that adds enemies during battle). This is important because you have an event called "Conditional Branch" and you can check the state they have. So, let's pretend you had a common event called "NIGHTMARE ADDITION" In conditional branches on the 3rd tab (2nd tab if this is an enemy skill), you will see the option to make it a condition that a state is inflicted. Why is this important? Because you will check if they have sleep AND target. It'll be one conditional branch within another (order doesn't matter). Then do a force skill against that enemy or ally using the "force action" event. Make sure you do this for all eight enemies/allies. You'll notice when you click on enemies, it'll go from 1. to 8. Actors in 2nd tab only shows the current actors you have so if this is an enemy skill, make sure you update it when you add an actor. Finally, what happens if condition fails? Remove the state "Target." Nightmare does massive damage on someone who is sleep and does 0 if they arent Let's say Sleep is your 123rd state. In the damage formula of Nightmare, put this... if b.state?(123); [damage formula]; else; 0; end if b.state?(123) checks to see if the target has sleep. You can use both of these. I prefer to not do the first one. Of course, if you don't do the first one, the sleep spell will not be as effective in a 5 actors v 1 enemy battle (unless the other 4 guard to avoid knocking the enemy out of sleep). Hope I conquered all possible situations for you. If not, please let me know if there is anything else you want to know.
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo About to go live with some Hitman: Blood Money, followed by Voter's Choice!

  7. E0rvMY4.png spending some time on a scene with an oc.

  8. Yesterday
  9. Im trying to make some custom skills for a witch like character who specializes in curses and hexes, i currently have a sleep curse that has a chance to put the enemy asleep, what i wish to have is another skill that you can use only IF the enemy is asleep. that skill is called nightmare. Im new to making skills and such and am very confused on how i could make this happen the way i want it too. any help is very much appreciated!
  10. Looking for a script to do something similar to the old Mystic Quest Item/Menu HUD, or Zelda ALTTP. If anyone has or knows of where I can get one I'd really appreciate it. Something like in this old video.
  11. Replace HP bar with graphics

    Only one I know of really. https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-ultima-hud/
  12. To all those who celebrated today, hope it was enjoyable, and safe.


    For the first-timers, I sure as Hell hope you don't end up waking in some alley...


    (Okay, maybe that was too Hollywood...lol)

    1. Asharonapaul


      I celebrated by compiling my episode for monday and getting early feedback :)

  13. Thorn Skills for RPGMV

  14. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo About to go live with the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by and participate!

  15. Last week
  16. i feel smart i fixed that glitch where timothy's sprite flashed in between class sprites. the culprit? a whole bunch of common events that were unneeded and condensed into like two common events

  17. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo About to go live with an RPG Maker game(Ascending Dreams,) and I will be being joined by RichtheSpriter! Feel free to drop by~

  18. How long was I gone?

    1. lonequeso


      7 kajillion parsecs (give or take)

  19. I caught up on the translations for the web novel 'Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?' today...


    Nai wa! Where am I going to get my cute spider girl fix now?

  20. One Piece - Triple Duels I~IV

    Late Announcement! OPTD Diamond Full v1.01 is out~ What's New? 450 Cards to collect, Whole Cake Island Arc, Gran Tesoro, New UI, Detailed Skill Description, Card Balance etc. Download here : http://hossigames.wixsite.com/home/one-piece-triple-duels-diamond Cheers!
  21. Hehe, well, there may be a 100% objective real reality, but can anyone really say exactly what it is? Doesn't mean you should necessarily doubt everything you experience, but it does mean that you shouldn't necessarily trust everything either. Like I said before, I tend to think of existence as being made up of both sooth and dwimmer, the real and the unreal. But you would be surprised how little of the sooth we can really see and know. Maybe none at all! Meanwhile dwimmer is everywhere. It is the illusion that people wrap themselves in, the world their minds create for them. Perhaps we cannot change the sooth, but we can change the dwimmer. And who can say how much of what we think we know really sooth and how much is really dwimmer?
  22. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo About to go live with some Hitman: Blood Money, and POSSIBLY a voter's choice!

  23. @Kayzee Yeah. What is reality but someone else's fucked illusion anyway?
  24. cgmv CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Updated to version 1.1. This version adds a much requested feature of allowing the user to manually scroll the display window. 1.1: - Can now scroll with Arrow Keys and Mouse Wheel - No longer relies on deprecated CGMV Core commands
  25. cgmv CGMV Achievements

    Update to version 1.3. This update adds a much requested feature of allowing the user to manually scroll up/down for the display window. Version 1.3: - Can now scroll with Arrow Keys and Mouse Wheel - No longer relies on deprecated CGMV Core commands
  26. cgmv CGMV Core

    Update to version 1.3. 1.3: - Added CGMV Global Data - Added scrollable window type CGMV Global Data not yet used, but will be important in the future. Scrollable window used to standardize scrolling between plugins that use it and allow for manual scrolling with arrow keys and mouse wheel (used by encyclopedia and achievements).
  27. cgmv CGMV GameOver

    Small update, removing uses of outdated CGMV Core commands that will be removed in the future. Version 1.1: - No longer relies on deprecated CGMV Core commands
  28. bouncing avatar script

    Hello! I've just played a game made in rpgmaker XP and it had an interesting script so that while the MC was talking, her avatar image showed up bouncing a little (see the attached video); Yeah...that's a "not so sfw" game...but nothing indecent is shown in the video, so it shouldn't be a problem. But I was curious if a similiar script can be found for VX Ace.... bandicam 2018-04-18 19-08-25-965 - Segmento1(00_00_02.225-00_00_03.860).mp4
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