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  2. Back your project up. If you don't back your project up, I'm gonna come to your home and spin kick you. Then take your project and delete it. 

  3. Now, I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of jrpgs but this is what the engine excels at, so it's not like I never thought about making one ever. My gripes however always stood with how to make battle encounters interesting on a base level, how to intrigue the player with some neat mechanics. For example, I like how in Etrian Odyssey you can 'bind' an enemy's body parts to disable specific skills, giving you even a slight advantage or how shadows in Persona 4 can get overwhelmed by your party if you attack their weakspot. I always wondered though, how much is “too much“? Would something like changing the classic "weak to fire" or "weak to thunder" be too weird? For example, in a test project I made, I shifted the attention to weapons and created a main triangle of sorts: Slashing Weapons, Crushing Weapons and Piercing Weapons (fire emblem does something similar I believe?) The weakness chart being: Slash>Crush>Pierce>Slash. Some weapons of course being slight hybrids or not being affected, like a mage's staff. Weapons like lances or bows are good at mid/long range attacks, so they do slightly more damage to backrow enemies, while other weapons like swords and axes have their attack lowered. Magic in this case has no specific damage bonus on enemies, who is weak to magic is weak to magic who is weak to physical is weak to physical. The only real difference being some enemies being weak to specific states applied by the elements (some weapons have their own states too, like 'bleeding' for swords/knives). Also states affect one another, an enemy that was hit by water has a chance of remaining drenched for a few turns, making electric attacks stronger but fire will instead dry their body or have a chance of cauterizing bleeding wounds, and so on. But like I said, is something like this too much? Does it sound tedious or boring?
  4. Kayzee

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    That's okay, that's what fairy magic is for! *sprinkles fairy dust on you that gives you cute bunny ears and a little bunny tail* Tee-hee...
  5. NumbeRED39

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    No, lol. No bunny ears XD Thank you, thank you tho~~
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo Stream will be live shortly with some Darkest Dungeon! Feel free to drop by!

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  8. CGMZ Crafting By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 9/28/2020 Latest Version: 1.0.0 Introduction Adds a crafting system to your game that works well with CGMZ Professions. It can handle item requirements (consumed on craft), tool requirements (not consumed on craft), products (produced on craft success) and fail products (produced on craft fail). Recipes can be discovered by using an item or via plugin command. Features Crafting system with ingredients, tools, fail products, and success products Works well with CGMZ Professions Learn recipes on level up, item use, or plugin command Screenshots How to Use Import into plugin manager and enable the plugin. Some customization options are available. Further instructions in plugin. Plugin Plugin (along with all my other plugins) can be found here: https://www.caspergaming.com/plugins/cgmz/crafting/ For a profession system that works well with this crafting system: https://www.caspergaming.com/plugins/cgmz/professions/ For a pop up window when learning a recipe, use my toast manager: https://www.caspergaming.com/plugins/cgmz/toastmanager/ Requires CGMZ Core which can be found here: https://www.caspergaming.com/plugins/cgmz/core/ Credit & Terms https://www.caspergaming.com/terms-of-use/ Version Info
  9. Eric Matyas

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    I just created some new seamless fantasy stone textures as well as some fantasy metal images...they are free to use with attribution. They live here: https://soundimage.org/txr-rock-stone-fantasy/ https://soundimage.org/txr-metal-seamless/ Feel free to edit, create maps from them or whatever you like. Over 4000 more free images await you on my site. I do custom work as well if need be. Enjoy!
  10. Purpose Lets you set some states to persist after the battler's dead and revived Introduction * 1. The default RMMZ states are all gone when the battler's dead * 2. This plugin lets you set some states to persist after the battler's * dead and revived afterwards Video Games using this plugin None so far Notetags Prerequisites Terms Of Use Contributors Changelog Download Link Demo Link
  11. Kayzee

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    For some reason I keep thinking you have bunny ears on top of your hood... Do you have bunny ears on top of your hood? Well regardless, you are cute! So welcome! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  12. PhoenixSoul

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    Welcome to the misfit, often inactive fam. Ya like music?
  13. I'm suddenly sadly frustrated that I can't find a way to script a Playtest mode that will show me the Map, Event, and Tab currently running so I know where to look for my mistakes.


    sad day, best I can do is plug a bunch of variables and hope for the best.

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    2. Kayzee


      Are you using VX Ace by any chance? I donno about MV or MZ, but in VX Ace one of the reasons there is no test mode that does this is because the event interpreter doesn't keep track of where the event it is running is coming from. Also events don't actually keep track of the page number they are using.


      That said, it's still possible! Here is a little script for VX Ace to print the map/id/page to the console when an event starts (only works for map events though):


      if $TEST
        class Game_Event < Game_Character
          alias_method :start_debug_base, :start
          def start
            pagenum = @event.pages.find_index(@page)
            pagenum += 1 if pagenum
            puts "Event Start - Map: "+@map_id.to_s+" Id: "+@id.to_s+" Page: "+pagenum.to_s
        class Game_Interpreter
          alias_method :command_118_debug_base, :command_118
          def command_118
            puts "Event Label - " + @params[0]
          alias_method :command_119_debug_base, :command_119
          def command_119
            puts "Event Label Jump - " + @params[0]



      I wrote it just now! As a extra bonus it also prints stuff when it finds a label or a label jump so you know what the last label used is. Helpful!


      Oh yeah, and to enable the console make sure the 'show console' option in the 'game' menu has a little check by it. I find it super useful!

    3. Zvart


      You are wonderful! Thank you.


      Mind if I modify it a bit so it works even outside of Playtest mode? I'm thinking about when sending it out to Playtesters, since there's a LOT of dialogue options. Knowing where they found a particular thing would be nice

    4. Kayzee


      You can do whatever you like with it really... I don't believe in restricting what people can do with my scripts. :3

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  15. NumbeRED39

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    Thank you, guys!
  16. I actually have been working on my game a widdle bit! 😮


    I was reworking the intro and stuff. Still not sure I am happy with the basic set up though. Partly because I keep wanting to write my own meta-commentary. XD

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I've mostly finished the base character art bits; still have a few to do that I had started, and a few more I have no art bits of at all made. Also ran into a glitch with a scriptlet (one of yours actually) that affects graphic layers that are not attached to equipment, that I'm not sure I can do anything about, nor is it that big a deal (yet).

      There's one character I'm working on a bulging abdomen bit for, but I'm not sure if I have the proportions right...

    2. RavenBlueIndigo


      Heck yeah! Do the devving of the game~

  17. Purpose Lets you set some confusion states to not be restricted to attacks only Introduction * 1. The default RMMZ confusion causes the battler to only use attack * and nothing else * 2. This plugin lets you set some confusion states to cause the * battlers to behave like autobattle ones, with the definitions of * friends and opponents being reversed Video Games using this plugin None so far Todo Notetags Prerequisites Terms Of Use Contributors Changelog Download Link Demo Link
  18. It seems to me that I'm too lazy to make new MZ plugins with my full time job, so I'm porting my easy, simple and small MV plugins instead.
    I hope I can port 1-2 such plugins per day, but this will be hard for me :)

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Don't break your creative drive over it.
      If shit gets frustrating, take a break.

  19. Lord Vectra

    Hi hi everyone!

    Welcome to Central!
  20. Lord Vectra

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    Welcome to Central!
  21. Lord Vectra

    New and trying to learn

    Welcome to Central!
  22. Lord Vectra

    DvLyon here!

  23. My only real issue with it is it dumped the old way of doing animations because the way they have it now it SUPER complicated to a much greater degree,
  24. Make a parallel process common event that changes him back.
  25. Event Spawner RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Spawn new events on a map Features Spawn events from a specified map onto other maps at the location you choose or to a random region tile on the map. Specify if you need the spawned events to be temporary (disappear when the player leaves the map) or saved (stay on the map forever like a normal event). How to Use - Copy the "GALV_EventSpawnerMZ.js" file into your project's /js/plugins/ folder. - Activate plugin using the 'Plugin Manager' - Read the 'HELP' documentation (also found in plugin manager) for more details and try the demo if you don't understand. Plugin Get it here Credit and Thanks - Galv Terms Free to use in any RPG Maker MZ project including commercial. Please credit "Galv".
  26. Purpose Lets you mimic the CTB functionality in the TPBS on the fly Introduction * 1. This plugin lets you skip TPBS frames having no important moments, * like inputting actions, executing actions, to mimic the CTB * functionality in TPBS Video Games using this plugin None so far Parameters Plugin Commands Author Notes Prerequisites Terms Of Use Instructions Contributors Changelog Download Link Demo Link
  27. DoctrineAgnes

    My first prog-metal song

    Hello guys, I'm new here! Today I'm showing my first prog metal song that I've composed. I hope that you guys like it. I've been looking for some feedback for this song for quite some time. Here, you can hear the song by the following link: Take your time, it's a 15 minutes song, but you will definitely like it (I guess? lol). Thank you for listening to this song!~
  28. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo Stream will be live shortly with some Darkest Dungeon followed by a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!

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