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    I get what you're saying, I really do, but toss that out the window. Love what you're doing, beleive in what you're doing, and swing for those fences. If you just try to make some fun game with a good story, that's what it will be. Some fun game with a good enough story. If you don't look at a game concept and think to yourself, "this is something special and people are going to love it," I don't recommend investing money in it. How you feel about this game, how invested YOU are in it, will bleed through every last aspect of the game, and that energy is what fuels your players. You have to sell your concepts as the next Final Fantasy.
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  4. Hmmm...
    I'm using the following in a Conditional Branch:
    current_scene is? Scene_System

    But that is not working, and I am not sure what would be the correct method.
    FTR, Scene_System is the scene for Yanfly's System Options.

  5. Tyseus

    Need help with a script.

    I don't get it: you need a script that does this or you already have it and you got problems with it? If it's doubt number 1: I think you could handle this through this script possibly If it's doubt number 2: maybe you should provide more information about what your exact trouble is.
  6. Buonasera, miei simili! Recently, I thought it would be cool if I could have a way to better explain my skills in game. The best solution, ofc, would be to edit the way the Skill Scene, accessible from the menu, looks. The closest I came to the way I'd like to see it is through Dekita's Skill Scene: this script does almost exactly what I thought to do. However, there's one thing that bugs me heavily about it: it's pretty much plug n' play, and there's very little customization given to the maker. In fact, the way this script works is completely automatic: it automatically takes the element used, automatically gives and writes the percentages of add and removal of states, automatically tells you even information you DON'T WANT to reveal (like a skill that gives you a placeholder state that does nothing, only for the sake of it not saying it's missing, despite it not missing). Basically, I'd like to know what a solution would be to have a more customizable Skill Scene, to have the player get all the information needed from the skill, since 2 strings of text is really not enough to tell the player what a skill does.
  7. Buongiorno, carissimi! I'd like to edit a script: the Army Manager by Galv. As it is, the script is great and it functions. In my project however, it looks HORRYFING, due to all of the actors sharing the same character spriteset Basically what I'd need is to replace the characters with the battler they're assigned to, so I don't have the protagonist appearing near all of 'em. The way my game handles the actor's battlers is through Fomar's Basic Sideview Battle System Any solution? PS: I realized I probably messed up where this question was supposed to be asked, so if a modmin can move this thread in the right section that'd be appreciated.
  8. Tyseus

    Buongiorno a tutti!

    Easily my favorite saga should be Pokémon, but I'm not sure about what my "favorite game" could be. As of now I'm a lot into Smash Bros Ultimate: it could be the most addicting fighting(?) game ever.
  9. FranklinX

    Buongiorno a tutti!

    Welcome to the forums! What is your favorite video game?
  10. Phew, after a loooong time being stuck on them, I fi9nally beat those two bastards in Dark Souls. You know the ones I mean. Now i finally got to see "Large Chest Ahead" and can warp between places! Yay!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      So, that's where you've been, lolz

      I've never played Dark Souls. I don't have the access, and likely not the skills, but I have seen it played. I dunno if Danny the GuitarHeroPhenom still plays it or not though...

  11. kasain

    RPG Creator

    Well I can;t say I got much info on rpg maker or advice on cost, game or hire. but hey, I did see that this website and forum is not dead and got to know a few of you. I am not trying to make the next blockbuster but rather a fun game. And some games you listed above are not rpg maker games. Though maybe with my idea I will be better suited for a different game creation or engine. I won't post must of my story context here, or game but give a short idea what I want to make. The world of Phap Su “means mage in Vietnamese” was a highly developed magic world. One day a ship enters Phap Su’s orbit and descends on the planet shortly after. On this ship a lone man exits and plants a relic into the ground itself. This device delves down to the core of the planet itself. Within minutes this contraption “drains all the mana” from the planet. The man states his name is Mazar, and he has come to take the mana force to help him with an ongoing battle elsewhere. In addition, he states, many worlds have become to reliant on magic, some even destroyed over it, hence he hopes his actions will preserve this world. With that, he gets back on his ship and leaves the orbit and solar system. While the worlds mana dried up and made magic all but useless, the wanderer Mazar did not, or perhaps did know that some magic still existed. In this case he drained the mana, from the land, but animals had been living off the land for centuries and their life skills and abilities were magic based. The story will follow one main and two side protagonist players. How they accidentally stumble upon blue magic, learn it from mobs. On occasion use it to solve a person or towns problem. In addition, try to bring stability to the world again, and ultimately make a decision at the end of the game to decide the planets fate. . This is one story of learning a blue spell and the quest that one of the soon to be mages will take. Rand will visit a town and the town informs him bad weather has happened and a supply cargo with supplies and people is trapped on a steep mountain with no way down. In the old days they would use magic to make strong silk ropes. But due to no mana, and at the current silk gathering from normal spiders it would take 100 years to gather enough resources to reach the people to help. In this quest, Rand will go in a cave or forest and learn the spell from the Queen spider. This quest is important though, as Rand will learn the spell but kill the queen. An older townsman tells him, thanks for helping us out, but what will happen next time? You know the spell and can help us, but you won’t always be here and you killed the monster that can generate the most silk for us. In addition, no one else can learn this spell now that the monster is dead. So, Rand does see the conflict his magic and spells can cost. He asks someone for help. They give him a device that if used on a mob will give him a timer to learn the spell and win the fight, but not kill the monster. Rand and the other other two toons will have a growth story, mob spell hunting. I have seen s a few good rpgs off rpg maker funded on kickstarter, though thats not my plan as i backed them and played them, But seeing others bring their idea or story to life encouraged me to try. I am not trying to be the next Final Fantasy mega game, but rather make fun game with a good story.
  12. slickdeath97

    N.A.S.T.Y. Animated Main Menu

    Is this script compatable with yanflys menu script?
  13. Hello everyone, Today I made a small change, or rather fixed something. So far if you typed stuff like :) c: D: etc. the text editor was automatically turning these into emoticons, which made it potentially frustrating to ones, who prefer to use the text emoticons, rather than these fancy smiles. For example, if someone wanted to put :) , the text editor was like "NO, use instead, no need to thank " and then, that someone could be like "NU I WANT [ :) ], u have a problem with that boi?! " and enter an eternal struggle with the editor. I set that to OFF in the first place, but looks like something glitched and it kept doing this anyway, so I went to ACP with my and fixed that. So yeah, if someone notices, that c: or :) will no longer be automatically turned into emoticons, blame me. To answer potential questions: You can still bring emoticons by typing their names, like: :smile: - will turn that into . Typing " : " and two letters will begin search, where that fancy window with emoticons opens below your text cursor. I only disabled these short codes like :) c: :D. Also: Yes, I know that emoticon search tends to glitch along with mentioning. It's not our fault, it's a global bug within forum soft, to put that in a simple way. Not much I can do about that.
  14. Rikifive


    You're welcome; Closing. c:
  15. Spoiler

    Okay, so I'm using show pictures for a graphical menu interface, but I cannot get the damn thing to show past one portion.
    Yeah, I need help, and soon. I'm starting to build momentum to A POTENTIAL DEMO RELEASE, so please, don't let me derail!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nevermind this...
    I just figured out that the way I have the image setup, I had to use negative integers...lolz

  16. Hello, all! Our team is looking for a special someone who has experience creating animations in-engine using RPG Maker. We have a plethora of animation graphics in place already so you wouldn't have to create them yourself. What we need is someone who can animate the graphics using the game engine. If you do not have RPG Maker VX, we will provide a key for you. Requirements Worked with RPG Maker before. VX and/or Ace preferably. Great imagination. Have patience. Open to making around 30 animations. If you have animations you'd like us to see, please post/link them! Compensation Negotiable. The team is willing to pay a fair price for the animations. We send payment through PayPal. Thank you for your interest!
  17. Don't try and confuse me with details about what posted where, I said one argument post there and I meant it! But if you think that means I am done, you got another thing coming! Prepare yourself fellow nerd! For I... DISAGREE WITH YOU!


    Haha! What now my FF8 loving friend? Someone on the internet has disagreed with something you said!


    Edit: Darn it me, why are we so lewd sometimes? Edit that out this instant!


    ... Okay Fine! >_< *grumble grumble* Darn common sense, making me censor my jokes in a public forum.

  18. Kayzee

    JPS Pathfinding

    Might be! Hehe... I didn't even know yanfly had a stealth script. I kinda made my own in my game, but it's pretty darn simple. :3
  19. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    This isn't an introduction thread... It's an inquiry to the community in the Recruitment section. Any activity is good activity? Again, pretty much every last thing about materia is fundamentally flawed and broken. The only plus it has is total control over character abilities, which again, is also one of its major flaws.
  20. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    Not sure if it's fair to clutter up someone's introduction thread with nerd arguments... ...But so tempting... Argh! Okay fine. I will give you one nerd argument reply. Just one. I for one like the materia system. Was it perfect? No, not really. I hear what you are saying about it's problems, but really it comes down to one glaring flaw in an otherwise pretty awesome system. Would it make be perfect without the flaw? Still no, but by far the number one complaint I hear about materia is how it invalidates individual character progression, and okay, I'll give you that one. The thing is though is that can be fixed with one simple change: Instead of the materia it's self gaining AP and leveling up, use AP to level up the character's affinity for that kind of materia. Really, that's all you need to do to allow characters to have their own unique builds while preserving everything else about the system. And is there anything worth preserving? Hell yeah there is. If the materia system was only used to gain spells/abilities and nothing else, then yeah I wouldn't see the point. But it's not. The cool thing about materia is that they can be equipped and chain them together in interesting ways. Adding effects and elemental attributes to weapons and armor, adding draining or an extra attack or the ability to steal stuff to other magic/abilities, stuff like that. That's what makes the materia system so unique and interesting to me, not it being yet another way to learn abilities. If getting abilities were all I cared about, honestly I don't see that much difference between the job system, magicite, and GFs (Junction system notwithstanding, that's it's own kettle of worms) except for being slightly different ways of packaging the abilities together. Materia though had the potential (as underutilized as it may have been in FF7) for whole new aspects of customization beyond that though. Also, as a side note I like the way materia is connected to the lore of FF7. Of course the job system in FF5, magicite in FF6, and (I think, been a while) GFs of FF8 were also connected to the lore pretty well, so not saying materia are special there. Just saying it's hard to imagine FF7 without at least some form of materia. There, that's my case. I am going to try and not clutter things up beyond this.
  21. Last week
  22. That One NPC

    RPG Creator

    Nonsense, there's nothing else to do or talk about. Materia was a really bad evolution of the job system. It was nonsensical, disjointed, awkward at the very best of times, and quickly becomes a quest to master every materia on every character, because you've got to something with them, and they keep cloning themselves, so why not put virtually everything on everyone?? And that was the main issue. With materia, any classing, job or ability customization lost all meaning, period (with some personal exceptions bound to pop up). It was not a good idea, nor was it executed well. The GF system fixed this and actually did it properly. GFs developed a bond with characters, and nothing was taught directly to the character. You could customize you actual GFs abilities, and you could put some strategy into how you distributed and used them, without being able to just say, "Everything for everyone, because it's inevitable! Muahahahaha!!!!" I much rather being presented with limited options I can use to build unique character classes that don't become a redundancy. Say what you want about the Junction system they threw in, but GFs were materia done properly.
  23. AutumnAbsinthe

    JPS Pathfinding

    I'll check it out in a new project. The most likely culprit is the stealth script I have, but I'm gonna replace it soon with a Yanfly one because I suspect it's also stopping me from saving the game properly.
  24. That One NPC

    Holders Animated Battlers

    Love that. With so many color options you could give each character their own color when turned into frogs.
  25. Holder

    Holders Animated Battlers

    New Frogs released! Not only designed as enemies but also now you can turn your heroes into frogs like in Final Fantasy 7. 1G could be used as a rare golden frog for a quest, purple poison, red as a fire frog. Whatever and however you like. Enjoy.
  26. Rikifive

    Buongiorno a tutti!

    Hello and welcome! Good luck and have fun!
  27. Hello everyone! I'm Tyseus, as you can easily read as my username, and I'm a maker from Italy. I did a couple of complete projects in the past, but unfortunately both were in Italian, so... I'll be in this forum mainly to ask stuff like "does this plugin/script exist?" or "how do I put this in the formula", since despite owning VXAce since 2013/14 I'm still fairly new to it. (I've literally bought MV a week ago and still I'm not using it, so ofc I'm new to it). I hope I can find the help I need, while also hoping to somehow help someone else with simple stuff. Edit: Forgot to mention that I can compose music, despite not being a professionist for that either, so I'm probably goin' to contribute with music packs.
  28. first, hope this is the right place to ask, if no sorry and thanks beforehand for any help i google and searched forums but dont find anything i wonder if there is a plugin that emulate the rebirth system of the mmorpg games for those who doesnt know== character reach X lvl = option to rebirth open rebirth = character is rebooted to lvl 1 with base stats plus X% stats plus X% stats = might be base X%; X% based on level or stats at rebirth; X% x number of rebirths; etc -certain skills might be forgotten, others keep
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