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  2. KMS Minimap

    So erm i know this topic was VERY long ago but i really really need help. how do i make the <minimap obj n> colors to stop blinking? i cant find out how please someone help me!!
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo About to go live with some Hitman 2, and then Voter's Choice! We'll see what happens!

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  5. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Put some better preview images up now. Go check 'em out in the first post. (Of course, if you've played the game, you'd have already seen it anyway...)
  6. I am way too lazy to bother with doing lots of art. 90% of everything I am using is RTP stuff and that probobly won't change for a while. Besides, I figure I can replace most of the RTP stuff with more custom stuff later if I want to. I am not going to say it wouldn't simplify things a bit, but I just rather simplify things by not bothering with multiple party members at all rather then trying to do it half way like that. Roguelikes tend to have the player control a single character anyway. I would love to do a full party system sometime, but it's not a priority for now.
  7. dwimmerdelve Dwimmerdelve: The current plan.

    Yeah. I'm creating the majority of the art assets for my game from scratch, so there's always that option... As for the multiple single-member parties, it was just an idea that I figured would simplify the process a bit, but what do I know?
  8. I'm not much of a writer, so don't ask me about it.:lol:


    Ku ku ku...

    The vile wench who was sent by church to beguile my own flesh and blood...


    How brave of you to open this sacred Spoiler!

    Ku ku ku...

    Now that you have borne witness of this forbidden ceremony I can no longer allow you to return alive.


    The Noble Darkness...


    (In your inner mind, you said this very loud "The hell are you talking about")


  9. Eh, I never liked switching characters like that. First of all, I know it's a gaming abstraction but it feels nonsensical. What do the other party members do when one is fighting? Just hang around nearby? Maybe that's me being picky, but that's how I feel. Also I generally dislike it when games make you constantly switch between lots of different active characters, modes, equipment, or whatever. It just makes it so whenever I run into an something I need to switch for I am like "Ugh, now I need to switch to this other thing again". It isn't fun, it's busy work, and the more you do it and the more different types of things there is, the worse it gets. Oh something like visual equip anyway. I fiddled with it before, but ultimately my biggest problem with it is lack of good art assets.
  10. oh hi

    Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  11. NerdiGaming - Title Menu | Version 1.2

    It says, that the method 'center_sprite' is undefined (meaning, that the script calls a function, that can't be found or doesn't exist). I've took a look at the script and that method isn't defined there indeed, but after giving it a try, everything worked for me. That may suggest, that the method was defined somewhere else already and after doing a global search (ctrl+shift+f in script editor) I discovered, that it is defined in the default Scene_Title script. # FRAGMENT OF THE SCENE_TITLE SCRIPT; STARTING FROM LINE #79 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Move Sprite to Screen Center #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def center_sprite(sprite) sprite.ox = sprite.bitmap.width / 2 sprite.oy = sprite.bitmap.height / 2 sprite.x = Graphics.width / 2 sprite.y = Graphics.height / 2 end This is the piece of code, that is missing. Now the question is: why it is missing. In the custom Title Menu script; line #94: class Scene_Title < Scene_Base -you can see, that it modifies/adds more content to the default Scene_Title script. Changing that may unlink the two scripts, thus make the methods defined there inaccessible. Though I'm pretty sure you didn't touch that, so that probably is not the case. Another possibility may be having the default Scene_Title script modified or removed, but I don't think that's the case either, though I'm not aware of how you all approach programming in there. ---- And that's it. I can't think of more possibilities at the moment. To fix that, it would be a good idea to check the default Scene_Title script. That method is there by default, so there has to be something, that you've caused. Buuut if everything above fails for some mysterious reason, you can just define that method directly in the custom menu script. For example, paste the snippet from the default code above the dispose method around line #252 in that custom one. (...) # Applies The Offset To The Exit Game Images @spriteExitGame.x -= TitleMenu::X_OFFSET @spriteExitGame.y -= TitleMenu::Y_OFFSET @spriteExitGameSelected.x -= TitleMenu::X_OFFSET @spriteExitGameSelected.y -= TitleMenu::Y_OFFSET end # ADD THIS VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV # #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Move Sprite to Screen Center #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def center_sprite(sprite) sprite.ox = sprite.bitmap.width / 2 sprite.oy = sprite.bitmap.height / 2 sprite.x = Graphics.width / 2 sprite.y = Graphics.height / 2 end # YEP! THAT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ # #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Dispose Background #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_background @sprite1.bitmap.dispose @sprite1.dispose @sprite2.bitmap.dispose @sprite2.dispose @spriteNewGame.bitmap.dispose (...) Now it will have that method defined for sure.
  12. I know you from rpgmakerweb forums. Yes, I am called Thomas Smith there as well.

    1. EpicFILE


      Ya, we've interacted fairly often there.

      I joined this forum since mid 2015, and have been inactive since late 2015.

      It's kinda funny to know I'm an older member here, but a younger member there. :D

    2. Thomas Smith

      Thomas Smith

      I'm an older member on forums.rpgmakerweb.com. I joined a while ago but never actually did anything.

  13. dwimmerdelve Dwimmerdelve: The current plan.

    How about multiple parties, each with one member? That way, one could switch between each party in a battle encounter much like how it is done in many games like this. Hmmm... A visual equip scene for full customization...
  14. Help Windows for this script

    Hey thx for your reply but i think that would be too much work to get it look and work like the one im using. Also there could be compatibility issues with Victors and my own scripts. I try to avoid using Yanflys scripts because of that, using just allmost Victors.
  15. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo About to go live with the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by and participate!

  16. Last week
  17. Since I have become a bit more serious about making an actual game I might as well explain a bit about what I intend to do with it. So, here are my current plans about what I am doing. First what I have already done: I have a pretty okay random dungeon generator script and several existing dungeon 'themes' which all look a fair bit distinct and decorative. I have a basic roguelike combat system in place. The kinks need to be worked out, but it works. For a one actor party anyway. I have a inventory system with features such as equipment enchantment and roguelike style item identification. A fair bit of different monsters, skills, and items. Here is some stuff I am going to need to do: Right now the only thing the player can really do is roguelike-style bump attacks. I need to redesign the menus/interface to allow for skills and items to be selected and targeted. Monsters chose skills from an enemy moves list, but I may need to think more about how I choose skills and how range works. Perhaps I should use visible projectiles even? Rebalance the hell out of everything. Here is some stuff I may or may not do: Add support for multiple party members. I have been trying to write stuff in a manner so this is possible, but I may need to totally rewrite how I handle inputs if I want to allow the ability to take full control of the party (which if I am adding party members at all, I absolutely do). You might notice I haven't mentioned much about the story/setting yet. Partly because I want to get the full gameplay system worked out before I bother that much, but also party because I am still not sure about some of the details yet. That it will be heavily based on lots of the things I have said about fairies over the years here is not in question. The setting will definitely be fairyland... or a fairyland anyway. Perhaps more then one. The simplest basic plot outline I have in mind probobly is that the player character is a human who was abducted by fairies and perhaps transformed into a fairy. I might want to allow the player to create a character, but that might be tricky to do in way I am happy with. If I can get one of those visual equip script things working, perhaps I will use that to let you choose what the player looks like. Perhaps I could even have transformations and stuff. It might be fun to make it a bit like Corruption of Champions actually. <3 I mean not necessarily the naughty stuff (though I would be tempted), but the way items can change your body parts. And hey, mutation is a thing in some roguelikes anyway. But it would probobly be a lot easier if I just used a set character, at least for now. Right now the one delving in those dwimmery dungeons is me! Kayzee the fairy! Hehe... I am not sure I want to be the main character though. I think if I show up I am much more suited to be a sort of trickster mentor who helps guide the main character. Though I could also tell my own story, it might be interesting to tell how I became a fairy in the first place, if a bit embarrassing.
  18. Kasatmata - Chapter 1

    looks promising kasat mata xD
  19. Ugh! I am having weird bugs and I don't know why. Making proper turnbased movement is harrrd. :/

    1. Kayzee


      Yay! I fixed it! :3 One down, two billion to go...

    2. PhoenixSoul




      I tried implementing something myself (related to my current project), but my skills are far less than able to figure out what I needed so I shelved it for the time being. I may find a workaround at some point, I'm not sure.


      Bugs, dupes, and sass; that's my interactions with that mistress by the name of Ruby...

    3. Kayzee


      I think you will find that all programing can be like that. Heck, all communication maybe. That's just what happens when you need to translate thoughts into a form that can be understood by other things. You rarelly know if you are really on the same page until something goes wrong.

  20. oh hi

    So...what maker are you using? (List of engines)
  21. Sudyg Woods in Khr'mast

    All right, got it
  22. I'm kind of new to these forums - joined a while ago, but never actually did anything in it.

    1. Saeryen
    2. lonequeso


      Lurking in the shadows, eh? You can come into the light. We don't bite. Well, Charizard bites, but he is easily distracted by food and liquor. 

  23. I hate being sick, ughh...

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    2. Saeryen


      Get well soon. I feel you; I was sick earlier this month. *hugs*

    3. Crescent


      thanks you two *hugs back* <3


      @Saeryen it sucks - especially when you have a lot of pending work to do and you're not feeling okay enough to work on things ><

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I was sick the first part of December and for the end of December, all related to the feasting days and the change in the weather. I'm still recovering a bit but on the mend, for the most part.

      Being sick is no fun, no matter what ails you...it sucks monkey farts.

  24. After buying some tinkering material on Steam for really cheap, I'm back in the gamedev scene.

    I have most of the Castle Tower mapped, and transitions made between floors.

    Still figuring out how deep the Castle Abyss goes, and what other rooms need to be added to the rest of the Castle.

    I'm also still trying to figure out if I should have the main party be one actor and switch between male and female, or stick to having two separate actors, one for each gender.

    No story line for determining gender/personality yet.

    1. Kayzee


      If the main party is one actor and you can switch between male and female, it would be amusing if you added ome way to do it in-game. :P

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, that could be plausible.

      I'm just trying to figure things out first.


      I've had no luck in finding the full size battlers for the VX Ace RTP, so I'm not sure as to how I'll be implementing the battles for some of the Monster Cards...(I've only fleshed out eight of those thus far)

  25. What does THIS mean?



    1. PhoenixSoul


      VX Ace, or MV?


      If VX Ace...

        def process_escape_character(code, text, pos)
          case code.upcase


      It means there's an escape character that's causing Ruby to throw a fit.

    2. TobiObito4ever


      VX Ace. It was a relatively minor fix. ^^;

    3. PhoenixSoul



      Glad I was able to help (if I did...)

  26. Actor Voices in Battle

    Is there anywhere this is still hosted? The original link is dead.
  27. Thinks of something... Gets an idea... Implements it... 2iNIemX.png

  28. oh hi

    Hey, welcome to the forums. Always nice to see a new face in the maker scene
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