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  2. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo Stream will be live shortly! I will be beginning a play-through of Resident Evil 4! Feel free to drop by!

  3. I got 'Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate' for my switch the other day! The Shiren the Wanderer games are one of the main inspiration for my own game project so it's pretty inspiring to play, but it also reminds me of how much I still have to do. ūüėē

    1. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Just about everyone has a Stardew Valley living inside of them, very few people are meant to see it through alone.


      The weight of indie deving as a solo endeavor is crushing. I feel it every day. The sheer size of it drawfs my very efforts because I'm not a game developer. :( I want to be, but I lack the proper avenues of approach and training. It kills me every day. But I refuse to quit.


      I keep trying to find a "simple project" that will "Just give me some experience with completing a whole game." Sounds easy. Sounds doable. Until I get started, and remember that nothing I do story-wise will ever be simple. XD It happens without me even realizing it. It can go from an arcade cabinet with some Ace mini games, to a full blown Triple Triad RP with player properties/decorating, vehicles like bikes and cars, etc.


      Anything I touch will mutate into something more than I found it.


      It's rough, but don't give up. 20'ish years of RM tinkering has taught me the errors of these ways. The main thing that prevents steady progress for tinkerers who get seduced by the editor prior to having an actual game to make, is without having a script and plot outline to guide and inform the process, it becomes a case of butterfly chasing. Constantly jogging in place, developing fragmented aspects of the plot, world, characters, skills, concepts, etc. Making small breakthroughs in any given area from resources, to edits, scripts, animations, items, whatever it may be.


      This kills projects, which is why I have grown so jaded toward the soloist approach to game development. Everyone wants to be the next Eric Barone now. And because Stardew Valley exists, they will never be able to see the fact that it is an enigma. Games like that are 1 in 10 trillion. "It's possible, you just need a good idea (oof!) and the time (organizational skills and discipline)."


      It's a tough road on our own. I suggest making something not featured on your bucket list, but still strong enough to showcase your merits and value as a developer, in the hopes that when you sit down and say publicly, "Okay, I'm working on one of my bucket list projects," people will come to you with their ducks in a row, asking where you could use some assistance, and if they can be of any to you. Depending o your leadership//directing skills, and given how much more difficult that becomes online, you could end up doing something great.



    2. Kayzee


      My game project isn't really a 'bucket list' game, it's much more of an experimental tech demo or prototype that I have gradually taken ever so slightly more seriously and has become more of an actual game as time has passed. And that honestly is probably more how games like Stardew Valley come about then them being planned and scripted. It's a fundamentally different way to develop a game, one that takes a long time and yes involves a ton of 'butterfly chasing' as you put it. But it can work... eventually. Problem is keeping motivated enough to see it through.


      It's funny though, because you know what also kills projects? Having big elaborate plans you can't actually follow through with. It's actually tricky to know sometimes if you can or can't do a thing until you go to do it and often it's easy to get stuck up on a bad plan. Here's the rub: No matter what you do you are going to find out any good game is a 1 in 10 trillion game. Doesn't matter if it's something like Stardew Valley or something like Final Fantasy or SaGa. Doesn't matter if you are one single person or have a team of 100+ people backing you up (though if you can convince 100+ people to help you in the first place you probably are in a good spot). Most people's game ideas just aren't going to work.


      In any case 99% of my problem is just my own laziness.

  4. Due to creating concepts for film format for over a decade, I developed a "show, don't tell" style of writing where I don't want you to know what every character is thinking and feeling and planning each and every moment of a every scene from cover to cover. Lately I have bee trying to break this habit and lean into spoiling stuff more readily for the reader. I strongly dislike doing this for so many reasons, but it's what the average reader wants. They want to know everything that everyone is thinking and feeling so it all makes sense as they read it, vs in big payoffs at more meaningful moments. I need to get my gift of bag back as a writer. I boil things down to levels of bare necessity. Only what you need, as you need it.


    I'm going to work on being so withholding.

  5. Threw together a new avatar using a base ripped from RM, layered up in Paint.net. It was slow, but it's more comfortable than I thought it would be. Turned out nice. I gained some awareness with what it would be like to use a base parallax layer and add detail over that.


    I'm enjoying this.

  6. I'm going to try a new type of mapping that is like a cheap parallax. I'm going to lay out the terrain tiles, some of the the structuring, (anything that is firmly below-player, or within the realm of absolute restriction to player movement) then use the screen cap script to pull that map. Take it to my Paint.net, and start adding detail to some of the other non-passable tiles, like windows on buildings, cracks and moss on shacks, posters and signage on wall faces, mushrooms on a log, etc. Then use that saved image as parallax background for the basis of the map. Now I can add live water in areas that need it, add and extra layer of B-E detailing, including objects I want to completely or partially appear above-actor, as well as lighting objects/script work.


    I understand that at times it will present unorthodox challenges, and it'll never be true parallax mapping, but I'm not good at that yet, and this might get me there, or work for a game like my Bound-like.

    1. Kayzee


      I think that's how most people do parallax mapping actually... Personally I rather see more people hand draw map backgrounds, but it's not easy to do.

  7. Lost lost my Junk Shop map because I cut it for the demo, but luckily I had a picture posted here and can use it to replicate the map.


    I also added the toy to the counter I talked about wanting last year.




    That's more or less exactly what I wanted. Had to shrink him so the quality got warped, but I'll see what I can do.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Hmmm...what tilesets does this comprise of?
      Or, is it all just custom made stuffs?

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I edited a C sheet from a bunch of different resources I had for this map.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Ah, I see. The RTP assets were all I recognized though I thought I saw some bits of resources from Always, Sometimes Monsters...

  8. I grabbed Galv's Vehicle Riders script for my bound-like, and maybe Legacy Frontier. The script lets the system mount a player sprite over a vehicle. In ways this is useful, and it even lets you identify sheet extension names so you can do a custom sheet to make your actor look smooth for each vehicle.


    I'm loving this tbh.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Could be useful for riding a motorcycle.


    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Or bicycle, wheel chair, horse. Or let's so you have a game with horses, and a party system where anyone can take the lead and have their sprite show on the map. This sprite saves you from doing a custom mounted sheet for each actor. I like that.

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  10. Driving scenes. In a RPG. Are they good? Bad? Meh?

    Not really intending to have the game focus on them but...it would be good to have interactive driving sequences that work so that chases and escapes could be more dynamic, even if it makes it look like one is emulating Need For Speed in VX Ace, lolz

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      What I had in mind was a bit more robust...




      Yes, clutch, as in, a manual transmission/stickshift. 

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I'd be happy with just a basic driving mechanic. But that actually fits into what I had in mind. I was goin to make it so that when in the car (was thinking of ways to not use an RM engine "vehicle" for it), a switch changes the controls, now your gas button when held begins to make the car move forward, and begins a timer. To that when you hold for so long, it kicks into the next highest movement speed. I'm sure someone like Kayzee can figure out how to inject a pathway here where either the player hits the clutch button within a few seconds, or the engine sputters and the timer resets. (I'm not a big driver, lol. My early adulthood development stages got derailed entirely.)

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I found this:

      Condition Check: Button pressed: C (C button to move)
                 Condition Check: Button pressed: Left (must be inside C condition check)
                            Move route : move left (speed down when moving left/right)
                             Variable A -= 1 (Set up a condition check Variable >=0 so it won't go over minus)
                 Condition Check: Button pressed: Right (must be inside C condition check)
                            Move route : move right
                             Variable A -= 1 (speed down when moving left/right)
                 Moveroute: move forward (move forward while C is pressed)
                 Variable A += 1
                 Condition Check: Variable A >= 60 (Acceleration Part)
                           Do nothing here           
                      Condition Check: Variable A >= 50
                            Move route : wait(1 frame) wait
                           Condition Check: Variable A >= 40
                                 Move route : wait(2 frame) wait (the longer the frame wait, the slower the vehicle goes)
                 Condition Check: Variable A >= 0
                     Variable A -= 10 (Speed down when not pressing C)



      Here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/car-driving-script-request-question-gta-style.26914/


      I might just try it out, but I'm not the best with this stuff.

  11. I hate the fact that my FF was edited before, about 4 years ago, but that site no longer exists now. :( Ugh. I can recall bits of edits here and there, but I know I will never be able to recreate most of those edits, be cause there were so many, every post, varying in size and significance. OH well. Guess I'll just have to make it even better this time. I need to edit the entire story one it's transferred.

  12. So happy to have my Legacy folder back, I have to hammer out some of the conceptual aspects and get a start on it.

  13. I just had a dream where there was a MMORPG of sorts with a sort of guild-based morality/ethics system, like if Dark Souls had player created covenants.


    Players could select a covenant or create their own and each one could be created with different rules/protections/roles/advancement systems/etc.


    Biggest reason to join a covenant was to prevent possibly being enslaved to a higher level player (unless the covenant allowed that). Players could join one right away upon character creation so it wasn't hard get protection.


    Covenants could be setup many many ways, some might have have a strict hierarchy and lots of roles and special roles, while others could have have no rules/ranks/roles at all so it was very flexible.


    The dream it's self involved lots of shenanigans involving clueless new players, slaves (willing and not) and some naughty stuff, but I mostly only remember the covenants bit.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Even IMVU was like that, lolz


    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Neither are really like what I'm thinking. I played IMVU very briefly in '12 for the RP community, and although users can create content like clothing and 3D "chat room" environments, it's a very non-mmo style of game based on social interaction, and broken down into micro-spaces.


      My concept is closer to what Minecraft offers. Every new server world that is released is a fresh canvas. There are dev-made key cities spread few and far between that host some of the vital locations and functions and quests, but the majority of the game world is ancient ruins and the wilderness that has reclaimed them. Any player at any given time can purchase a lot of tiles, anywhere in that wilderness, and begin to build whatever they want. It's not an instanced, custom map, it's directly on the game world. So you can buy a lot of land 40x40, just down the road from the starting city on Game World 1, and build your own house. Buy npc livestock to graze, even "break down" for resources. And every time someone logs into World 1, and walks down that road, they will pass by your house. When inspected, that lot will say:


      Owned by: Kayzee

      Built by: Kayzee, 17/1/21 (Project completion date)

      Last Modified by: Kayzee, 18/1/21


      Or, you could find a big field not too far from the starting city, on World 3, and start building roads. Add  some small houses. Fences, trees, a town square. Plant some npcs including town guards. Maybe now you buy another lot directly north and build a little palace. Now you can work on setting up shops, designing quests, etc.


      An actual MMO, with actual world building elements that empower the player. Again you will get giant phallic symbols appearing in fields overnight like crop circles, but again, it's an issue of problem solving vs loading up the cannon to shoot ideas down in flames.

    4. Kayzee


      That's pretty much how Second Life works. Unlike IMVU or VR Chat everything is connected on one giant grid. Even more so then Minecraft actually because the grid actual spans multible servers. The down side of doing things that way is basically all of Second Life is owned by one corporation that charges for virtual land/serverspace and there is basically no way to make private servers or local servers (Though there is OpenSim, which is an attempt and making an open source version of second life). It still isn't really a game though, more a virtual environment.


      Personally? I rather have a mix of instanced and connected areas rather then just one or another. Why not let players own land and also create personal pocket dimensions? I think it would be nice to have a big grid of land while also having a private place to play with things or do other stuff.Maybe that's just my personal antisocal nature, but having a free small place to build and experiment without needing to buy land would be neat.

  14. So a few months back my project folders all got lost somehow. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened. I believe it was a hiccup that occurred when I backed up the files on a usb that ended up being unreliable. It was a 2TB stick but it was chinese, and Chinese gear apparently hates encrypted files. So whilst trying to transfer my pirated movie collection to the usb, John Wick 2 (probably random, but) killed the stick, So I reformatted it. I recall this clearly. Problem is, I think I deleted my main project collection folder, thinking it was backed up. Anyway, this was a soul crushing moment of defeat for me. But I found a version of Legacy Frontier (SaGa-like/Tribute) I had uploaded to my Google Drive to show a buddy what I had been doing with the world map vehicle.


    This is huge because it gave me a backup of that project. I may have lost everything I had done on Overworld, but at least I got LF back. I like this concept so much, and I was thinking about making the scale galactic, rather than planetary.



    1. PhoenixSoul


      It's not that it's Chinese, but that the circuitry was made cheaply.

    2. Rikifive


      2TB in a stick? Actually it may be because it was Chinese. High capacities in cheap products can be fake. They reprogram card parameters to cheat the system to make it think it has that much of storage, so that at first you indeed see it has 2TB making you unable to detect issues at first glance (otherwise scam would be too obvious to spot making the seller ded really fast). The card reports it has 2TB, but in reality it actually can have much, much, much less than that (something reasonable at the price range ~ 32GB or something) and since the device parameters are fake, the system will not notice issues at first and continue saving things into space it thinks it exists, but the files may get corrupted in the end when attempting to cross the real storage limit.


      Unless you threw looooots of money ('coz sticks with that capacity are pricey), chances are you got bamboozled by Chinese scammers.


      I'm not sure if that's the case or not, but given you mentioned transferring movie collection, it sounds likely for it to be.

  15. Man it's been a while haha. I'm just wondering, is it within our rights to take a MIDI from 2k3 (or XP or 2k or even 95) and put it into a DAW and remix it? I own 2k3 so I know I can use its music as it is, but I'm not sure about the legality of editing it, or even totally remaking it.

    I was going to ask this in the official RM forum but that site confuses me with its many, many subforums, I had no idea where to place this question. Plus I like this place better :P

    1. Kayzee


      Pretty sure no one here is a lawyer, a real lawyer probably wouldn't give free legal advice to a stranger anyway, and  even if I did the answer would probably be a long winded version  of "it's complicated".


      Here is my likely ignorant rule of thumb though: It's always gonna be a gamble.


      How so? Well let's imagine a game. So you want to use this music... You got to make a bet! If you win you keep your money and get to use the music, if you lose you lose all the money. But there is a trick! Not only is it a bet, it's a blind bet. You have no idea how much you bet unless you lose.


      Okay let's look at your hand. Oh so you own 2k3, okay add some points. Oooh, but you aren't actually using the music in 2k3, that may cost you some points. Oh but you aren't actually using the music it's self, okay add some points... but it is a remix so take some away. Uh oh, you are using the original midi? My my that might cost you some points! And so on.


      Now to your opponent. They only get to play if they pay attention. If they don't notice you use the song at all you might win by default! But not so fast! They can play any time they want so it might be years before they make a move and you won't know!


      So you have your hand and your opponent has theirs. What kind of hand could they have? Now if they play they may or may not have a better hand then you, but that's not the end of the game! Oh no no no. If your opponent plays they can use money counter bet by hiring a good team of lawyers. Now you have an opportunity to counter counter bet, but I bet you have far less money then they do don't you?


      Now I donno about you, but that all kinda sounds sus to me. I think I rather not play that game and just use free stuff or make my own when I can. :3

    2. PhoenixSoul



      If you're thinking about it, just go for it. At this point, no one is really going to care.

  16. Rad Racer
    Final Fantasy
    Same game company.
    Thought you should know.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Imagine though, how good it could be to have elements of Square's JRPG magic and EA's classic NFS goodness in the same game. Closest we have to that is NFS Underground 1/2 and Most Wanted, and kinda not really good examples of RPG story, but closest to it in a racing game.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I looooove Underground 2. Free roaming the city to challenge other racers, pull up to events and races. The different race styles. The car line and customization. And the story was also good.


      You could lowkey do this with a 3d editor like Unity. There's a starter package thingy for racers. Mind you that template is for like carting style box racers, but it gives you the engine and tools you need to get a start on something like that. 

    4. PhoenixSoul


      The premise and story of NFS: Most Wanted is why I've always wanted to play it.
      I mean, the main character (once again, you) gets cheated, and loses their awesome car to the Blacklist thug Razor. So, the main character has to beat all the others on the Blacklist to face off against Razor and take the car back. It's a riveting premise, and very underrated.

  17. Anyone else getting this "Config Error" message?





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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      It's more of a suspicious, "something's up here, and I'ma find out just what it is," smirk. But no, I don't believe I've done anything, outside of provoking the wrath of the Square-Enix Gods.¬†ūüėá

    3. Rikifive


      Do not underestimate the wrath of the Square-Enix gods. 1Cm0bed.png

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I wasn't around, so I missed it.


  18. tenor.gif


    I just found an old thread for my Final Fantasy Tribute series. ^_^ I had previously thought it to have been lost to the many RP site closures in the last decade. But the other day I was taking a bit of a stroll down memory lane, and recalled an old, obscure FF fan site where I was sure I had posted part of the first story.


    So I thought I'd hunt down this old site. I managed to find what I thought was that site. I checked the literature forum, and sure enough, I found  my FF thread. <3


    Not only that, I found a thread where I had started to write the 8th story, and I found an old threat for A Legacy Written In blood. ^_^ <3





  19. https://bitwitch.xv/kbgaming
    Alright, stream is up in about an hour!
    Come and watch as I play/struggle through Need For Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition, tearing arse through the dirty streets of Rockport, Michigan!
    Please bear with me as the game crashes a lot due to bugs caused by mods...

    Also, this is not an actual stream notification and the URL is not real, lolz (I just wish it were)

  20. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo Early game stream! Will be live shortly with some RE7! I will be finishing the DLC, and then we will be switching to another game! Feel free to drop by!

  21. It's really unfortunate that FPLE is buggy in places. Had to disable strafing because it randomly caused a crash in a map I made¬†ūüėĎ

    Other than that, everything else has been manageable. 

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Well, there is video footage of the XP iteration of FPLE being used as a pseudo Doom clone...

      @Kayzee, dearest love, it's me and my immediate muscle memory wanting to use the thumbsticks when going into that perspective. It's the same with racing, only I use the right thumbstick up/down for throttle/brake and the left thumbstick left/right to steer. Some people use the shoulder triggers for throttle/brake, I do not.

    3. Kayzee


      I play doom with a keyboard and mouse so, eh.


      And with scripting RPG Maker can do anything... But that doesn't mean it can do it well of course. :3

    4. NumbeRED39


      Yeah...still, it's interesting anyway. 

      Speaking of which, I had found a "tutorial" to make rpg maker 2k3 into first person dungeon crawler with events but it's hella complicated and can't even open the demo to see the result ūü§Ē

      Would've been interesting to see. 

  22. So, I figured out something in RPG Tsukuru 2. In Game Test Mode, there's a mode switch that is turned ON at start, that makes battles easy by making all standard attacks one-turn knockdowns (not spells or items). I thought the ROM I was using was bugged because it's a translation hack (that's only partially finished-and it does break some of the world map pieces), but no, it's a feature I didn't know about.

    Yeah; been mucking about with that. It's easier to get into and out of. Unfortunately, anything super-immersive is put on hold because life is causing me problems, the unavoidable ones... :(

  23. New Year. New Triad Deck.


    Happy New Year, RM Central!

  24. I have almost no artistic capability, so when it comes to graphic and resource editing, I have become a hardcore tinkerer. I will draft something. Look it over after the fact and spot imperfections or areas that I feel can be improved. Then I will go back and modify it. Sometimes I am wrong and disasters ensue. Sometimes I can actually ratchet up my work to make it more usable for the average dev.


    I have made my Triad Icon edit set even better. I wanted to give more options, and more booster designs to work with, as well as add card icons for the default resources in Raizen's script. In my opinion they look more like card packs now, as well.




    Enjoy, and don't credit me.


    -The triad card materials are from Raizen's script bundle, the booster base is the card from the RTP sheet.


    -My card back materials are Kas & Enterbrain.


    I just did the edits.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I saw the edits you made to Avery's icons, and you completed the otherwise empty armament set.

      That is capability in some capacity to me, even if it is just editing and matching up with what's already there.

  25. New icon edits for card booster packs.



  26. I was scratching at my arm mindlessly whilst clicking on some mind-numbingly bland 'game', and pulled out a vein suddenly.

    Then, I woke up, heard something go 'THUMP' above, I turned over, and went back to sleep.
    It's the most tangible dream I've had in a long, long while...

  27. https://www.twitch.tv/ravenbindigo Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!

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